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RADSOK® PCB Products

January 11, 2011

RADSOK®Amphenol Industrial Operations reintroduces RADSOK® PCB Products to the market. The Amphenol RADSOK® solution offers options for high current single-point connections with a compact footprint design that can supply up to 120 Amps to the board. RADSOK® PCB products are designed to be applied manually by press-fit or by a re-flow solder process eliminating the need for additional wires and/or special crimp tools. Three RADSOK® solutions to add power to printed circuit boards are the Amphenol PowerBlok™, Radsert™ and, Amphenol PGY™.

For more information about RADSOK® and RADSOK® PCB Products visit Amphenol Industrial.

Press Release (pdf)