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Amphenol LTW Cable Joiner for LED Market

September 20, 2012

Simple, quick and reliable cable interconnections are always the wish for LED lighting field installations. With Amphenol LTW’s new Cable Joiner, the solution has been designed and developed with such requirements in mind. Introducing the new Cable Joiner, available in several options to meet various cable OD and wire sizes, including the latest requirement for locking protection. Installation made quick and simple, and stpandard crimping butt terminals or screw terminal blocks for different application needs.

Key Selling FactorsTechnical features
Simple and reliable cable interconnections UV Resistant
For various cable OD and wire sizes IP 67 Waterproof
Safety locking Unlock with tool
Quick installation: standard crimping butt terminals or screw terminal blocks Cable OD Range 8mm~16mm
Operating Temperature: -40°C~+105°C Wire Range 14AWG~ 10AWG
  Butt splice terminals optional
Tunnel Lighting Diagram   Street Lighting Diagram

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LTW Technology, established in 1993, is a professional designer and manufacturer of waterproof connectors. Since April of 2010, LTW Technology was acquired by Amphenol Group and officially changed its company name to “Amphenol LTW Technology Co., Ltd.”. Amphenol LTW has actively devoted to various outdoor and industrial applications by successfully developing high-end waterproof connectors to meet strict requirements; also has many worldwide patents and certification such as ISO 14001. ISO 9001 and NMEA 2000…etc.. Now Amphenol LTW is not merely a supplier of waterproof connectors but also a solution provider in diversified market segments.

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