Amphenol is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for harsh environment military applications including vibration, pressure, humidity, nuclear radiation and severe temperature changes. We have unparalleled product breadth ranging from military specification connectors, customized high-speed board level interconnects, flexible to rigid printed circuit boards, backplane systems and integrated assemblies. Our solutions span most military end markets including avionics, communications, engines, ground vehicles and tanks, homeland security, naval, ordnance and missile systems, radar systems, rotorcraft, satellite and space programs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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Product 127/HE801-HE804-HE807
The 127/HE8 series is a medium-density range of multi-contact plug-in connectors for PCB. This range of 2.54 staggered grid, low profile connectors offers the widest range of hardware, guides, and contact terminations, providing more flexibility to PCB designers.

Product 2M Caps
2M Caps
A large selection of protective caps for 2M plugs and receptacles.

Product 2M Micro38999 Connectors
2M Micro38999 Connectors
Designed for applications that demand size and weight savings without sacrificing the electrical and mechanical performance of a standard MIL-DTL-38999. 70% Lighter and 50% Smaller than Similar MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors. Fully Intermateable, Intermountable, and Interchangeable with Mighty Mouse.

Product 2M Micro Miniature
2M Micro Miniature
2M is a micro-miniature circular connector designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight in harsh environments. Amphenol offers different 2M connectors to answer all your needs, with Dual-Start Acme Threads, Tri-Start threaded coupling, ¼ turn bayonet, and push-pull quick disconnect versions.

Product 387TV Series
387TV Series
Size 7 connectors dedicated to size 8 high-speed contacts (Coax, Twinax, Quadrax, 1Gb Octomax, 10Gb Octomax coming soon) and fiber optic.

Product 38999 Integral Accessories
38999 Integral Accessories
D38999 Series III style connectors featuring an integral banding platform or integral strain relief eliminate the need for an additional backshell accessory. The banding platform incorporated into the rear of the connector shell allows the user to attach the shield of their cable directly to the connector, providing superior EMI shielding, enhanced sealing, and ease for overmold applications.

Product 75P Clamp
75P Clamp
75P Clamp was designed as a one-for-one replacement to outperform industry-standard metal clamps (i.e. AS21919). Featuring benefits such as a locking feature, butterfly stacking, weight savings, durable PEEK polymer band material, and multiple cushion material options that are non-conductive and non-corrosive, a versatile solution for anyone looking to reduce weight and installation time.

Product 86P Clamp
86P Clamp
86P Clamp was developed as a one-for-one replacement to outperform industry-standard metal clamps (i.e. AS21919). Featuring key value-add design elements, including separate locking and mounting locations, a bottom hinge for easy wire bundle installation, and a non-conductive, non-corrosive, PEEK polymer construction, a versatile solution for anyone looking to reduce weight and installation time.

Product Adapter / Saver
Adapter / Saver
D-Sub Gender Changers and Adapters offer a simple solution to change the functionality of your existing connector. A D-Sub Connector Saver can add longevity and durability to your system. Both are optimal to use in the prototype phase of your project.

Product Adhesive Snap 'N Post
Adhesive Snap 'N Post
Designed as a 1-for-1 replacement to BACS31H / NMC RP1703/1704 ring posts. Wire installation time reduced from ~30sec to less than 5sec. Weight-neutral compared to BACS31H/RP1703/RP1704. Can stack in two 90° orientations. Arced rings allow for tie straps to cover remaining ±45° orientations.

Product Adhesive Standoff
Adhesive Standoff
Material options of PEEK 150GL30, or GF Ultem. Adhesion: Accommodates VHB Tape and wet processes. Can be crossed to Boeing’s BACS21DZ & Click Bond’s CB4002. Uses 1032 insert making it compatible with APH Clamps, metric option also available.

Product Adhesive Tie Mounts
Adhesive Tie Mounts
Material: GF Ultem, GF PEEK & GF Nylon. Adhesion: Accommodates VHB Tape and wet processes. Click Bond Me-Too alternative crossing to CB9302 & CB9120. Can be used with any standard MS3367 or equivalent tie-down strap.

Product Alternate to Cadmium Platings
Alternate to Cadmium Platings
Multiple options for alternate-to-cadmium platings, including Durmalon, Black Zinc Nickel, and the new AP-93 1000-hour salt spray approved plating. Amphenol uses the RoHS requirements and the latest revisions to the MIL-DTL-38999 specification to develop these platings.

Product AP-93 Plating
AP-93 Plating
AP-93 is a conductive REACH/RoHS compliant finish that outperforms Cadmium. AP-93 exceeds Olive-Drab Cadmium plating by meeting 1000 hours of dynamic salt spray, 500 mating cycles, and meets the millivolt drop shell-to-shell conductivity of nickel (Class F). AP-93 meets a 200° C temperature rating, is compatible with other platings, and is available on all D38999-style Series III connectors.

Product ARINC 404
Amphenol's "AR" Series, ARINC rack and panel connectors, are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-C-81659 and ARINC Specification 404. The "AR" Series is a multi-purpose connector used in aerospace, military, and computer periphery applications. It can accommodate signal and power contacts in sizes 12, 16, 20, and 22. Coaxial contacts are available in sizes 5 and 9.

Product Backshells as per VG95319-1011
Backshells as per VG95319-1011
Backshell as per VG95319 as adapter with strain reliever shells for D38999 series 3. This forms a connection to a plug or a socket. This serves to seal or for continuing shielding. The backshells are available in various versions, straight or bent as tape adapters, individual cone adapters or mold adapters.

Product Black Chrome Connectors
Black Chrome Connectors
SV Microwave's newest line of cable connectors and accompanying dust cap maintains the same rugged and durable style as our standard SMAs, but is finished in black chrome to ensure a completely non-reflective finish. Available for .085 cable, this product line is ideal for military applications and provides excellent RF performance from DC to 18 GHz.

Product Board-to-Board RF Connectors
Board-to-Board RF Connectors
Amphenol RF offers a variety of board-to-board solutions engineered to maximize radial and axial float, eliminating the need for cables between the boards and simplifying designs to eliminate assembly errors.

Product Cable and Wire Harnesses
Cable and Wire Harnesses
Amphenol Borisch Technologies has a long history of manufacturing complex cable and wire harnesses for a broad range of harsh environment defense and aerospace applications. Our capabilities include over-molding, custom backshells, unique cable transitions, braiding for EMI/RFI and mechanical abrasion production, rapid prototyping, live-layup, test, X-ray, and custom fixtures.

Product Cable Separators
Cable Separators
Cable Separators are used to help separate cable harnesses from one another, aiding in organizing cable routing throughout the aircraft. Available in either Nylon or PEEK, they maintain clearance between two parallel or crossing cable harnesses preventing wire abrasion. Nine different versions are available and they are qualified to Airbus standard ABS1144.

Product Cable Supports
Cable Supports
Cable Supports are made to affix on an aircraft’s airframe, helping to secure and manage cable harnesses as they run throughout the aircraft body. They are offered in nylon and are designed for use in airframe, fuel tank, and engine applications. Available in various standard configurations and sizes, Amphenol Pcd also offers customized products to help meet specific customer requirements.

Product CapLock & PlugLock
CapLock & PlugLock
Amphenol SOCAPEX has launched a series of locking accessories for 38999, RJFTV and USBFTV connectors and caps. These locking accessories for connectors that help strengthen cybersecurity. The series includes CapLock, PlugLock and Metal CapLock. These locks prevent manual unlocking of receptacles thereby ensuring additional security.

Product CC5516 Series
CC5516 Series
CC5516 series is a new line of lightweight Cable Clamps, in composite and silicone, derived from the legacy NSA5516 metallic clamps. They are designed to keep cable harnesses or hydraulic pipes securely maintained on a structure. They are closed and fixed on the structure by screw (not supplied), in one simple operation.

Product Class L Connectors
Class L Connectors
Heavy-duty cylindrical connector for higher Amperage requirements suitable for Military & Industrial application, The rigid configuration & control assures correct interconnection of an electrical circuit for maximum safety & reliability. Connectors are QPL qualified & meet the requirement of the MIL-DTL-22992 military standard.

Product CNC Machining
CNC Machining
State-of-the-art machine with abilities to machine, coat, inspect, and assemble mechanical solutions for our internal and external customers. Our capabilities include Six 4-Axis Mazak machines, 5-Axis Mazak Integrex, water-jet, and press brake, CMM, vacuum fixturing for thin-walled heat-sinks.

Product Coaxial Contacts
Coaxial Contacts
Reliable interconnection and continued performance in size 8, 12, & 16 crimp termination style. Available for use in MIL DTL 38999 Series I, II, and III Connectors. Also available in PC Tail.

Product Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Amphenol RF attenuators are designed to offer flat attenuation over the designated frequency range and feature a microwave grade resistor that consistently reduces power. Hex flats on the body allow this attenuator to be easily torqued to the mating connector.

Product Coaxial Terminators and Loads
Coaxial Terminators and Loads
Amphenol RF terminators are available in many common series and genders including; 1.0/2.3, APC-3.5, APC-5.5, BNC, F-type, HD-BNC, N-Type, QMA, and SMA. Amphenol RF terminators reliably prevent RF signals from being reflected along the transmission line to reduce interference.

Product µCom 10 Gb+
µCom 10 Gb+
µCom-10Gb+ Series connector is designed to meet the latest market trends of the industry: miniaturization and high speed. µCom-10Gb+ design of 4 twisted data pairs insulated throughout the entire connector results in a performance that exceeds IEEE 802.3an-2006 specifications for 10GBASE-T Ethernet and TIA/EIA-568-C.2 Cat6 standards.

Product Concentric Twinax Contacts
Concentric Twinax Contacts
The size 8, 10, and 12 concentric twinax contacts were developed for applications that require high-performance interconnect characteristics in multi-pin connectors. Ideal for this application need is the high-performance D38999 Series III connector with its fully scoop-proof feature of recessed pins. The concentric Twinax contact is crimp terminable to twisted shielded cable.

Product Conduits
High-performance Conduits are intended to be supported by Amphenol Pcd P-Clamps. Conduits provide support for wire bundles where separation or protection from other systems or structures is necessary. Conduits can be installed anywhere in the aircraft, including the wings. Although Amphenol Pcd Conduits are available in various standard configurations and sizes, we offer custom products as well.

Product Conformable RF Cable Assemblies
Conformable RF Cable Assemblies
SV Microwave's conformable RF cable assemblies can be easily formed by hand. The braided outer shield of the standard flexible cable is replaced with a tin-plated outer braid that is durable but flexible. Conformable or hand-formable cable assemblies are ideal when the cable bends must be determined during the installation of the assembly.

Product CRN Brackets
CRN Brackets
CRN Bracket is custom-made to hold the “Current Return Network” in place inside a composite aircraft. Very easy to install with a bolt, the CRN system is fixed in place by hand with an integrated snap system on the bracket. The bracket is made of PEEK material and silicone is over-molded onto the bracket.

Product D38999 Connectors with Coaxial, Concentric Twinax, and Triax Contacts
D38999 Connectors with Coaxial, Concentric Twinax, and Triax Contacts
MIL-DTL-38999 connectors are ideally suited for shielded contacts for high-performance, high-speed interconnection applications. Insert arrangements can incorporate: coax (sizes 8, 12, and 16); twinax (sizes 8 and 12); and triax contacts (sizes 8, 10, and 12).

Product Differential Twinax Contacts
Differential Twinax Contacts
Used to facilitate the launching of controlled impedance signals to printed circuit boards. Two strategically spaced inner contacts form two 100 or 150 Ohm matched impedance differential pairs. Requires modification of MIL-DTL-38999 connector to accommodate keyed contacts. Available in size 8 crimp termination style. Also available in size 8 with PC tails.

Product D-Sub Accessories
D-Sub Accessories
In addition to a wide variety of D-Sub connectors, we offer a large assortment of Backshells, Locking Systems and Mounting Hardware. We also offer blind mate options, EMI covers, Sealing Options, and custom options to fit many different application requirements.

Product D-Sub Connectors
D-Sub Connectors
Amphenol India M2000 series D sub connectors are MIL qualified & listed in QPL, Product meets the requirement of MIL-DTL-24308, M2000 series D sub subminiature Rack & Panel type connectors with a polarized shell having pin & socket machined contacts which provide high reliability & Density for the connectors.

Product Electrically Conductive Seals - VG96940-6
Electrically Conductive Seals - VG96940-6
Our product range is approved according to the standard VG96940-6 and includes all its variants: Seals for square flange sockets for installation type: Front wall and back wall, seals for sockets with single hole mounts, seals for protective caps, seals for D-SUB connectors.

Product Electro-Mechanical Integration
Electro-Mechanical Integration
Full integration, in-house LRU capabilities include aluminum enclosures, rigid, flex, and panel circuit card assemblies, internal/external cable assemblies, integration, and final assembly, and fully functional testing and environmental stress screening (ESS) in order to support our customers with full turnkey solutions.

Product Electronic Assemblies
Electronic Assemblies
Capabilities include automated select solder, press-fit, and hand solder for through hold, single and double-sided BGA's and uBGA's, high-density packages, chip on board, lead-free, and conformal coating (UR, UL, Parylene). Process validation capabilities: 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Pre and Post-Reflow Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), 3D X-ray, and aqueous and non-aqueous cleaning.

Product Electronic Control Unit
Electronic Control Unit
ECUs allow for monitoring and controlling of critical applications such as Flight Controls, Avionic suites, Instrumentation, and Sensors. Electronic circuits are segregated and incorporate Front Face Panel, FPGA, MicroProcessors, and Software. We hold Part21G and PART145 certificates for production and maintenance.

Product EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2 (Composite)
EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2 (Composite)
Modular and rectangular, Amphenol Air LB France's EN4165 / SIM connectors consist of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution for signal and power. Flexible and easy-to-use, SIM is suited for a wide range of applications. Available in composite versions for weight-saving applications, SIMs are comparable to U.S. MIL-STD-810 in performance.

Product EWIS Harness Electrical Wiring & Interconnect System.
EWIS Harness Electrical Wiring & Interconnect System.
EWIS Harnesses are designed to make the connection of Low Voltage Signals, Power Distribution, RF signals <2GHz, and Fiber Optic; in pressurized or unpressurized sections; in-cabin, cockpit, avionic bay, or even on Space applications. We hold Part21G and PART145 certificates for production and maintenance. We support product design and certification by delivering full documentation.

Product Extended Ferrule RF Cable Connectors
Extended Ferrule RF Cable Connectors
SV Microwave has released a new line of RF connectors for Ø.047" cable that features an extended-length ferrule to protect the solder joints and fragile cable sections from environmental stress. This cable connector product line includes threaded male SMA, 2.92mm, and 2.4mm configurations and female push-on SMP and SMPM configurations.

Product Fairlead Blocks
Fairlead Blocks
Fairlead Blocks provide stability against surges and vibration. Parts are designed with cored-out geometry to help reduce with by up to 20% from traditional rubber blocks. Amphenol’s engineering experience enables the company to develop blocks that accommodate a wide range of tube diameters, and the products have no loose parts—reducing the likelihood of FOD

Product Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Amphenol is vertically integrated to provide fiber optic termini, connectors, and cable assemblies as a single solution. Single-mode and multi-mode cable assemblies in a variety of cable configurations, from simplex jumpers to multi-fiber custom assemblies.

Product Fiber Optic Termini
Fiber Optic Termini
Multiple options available for single-mode and multi-mode termini in many industry standards -- MIL-PRF-29504, ARINC 801, MT ferrules.

Product Filtered Connectors
Filtered Connectors
EMI and EMP filters can be implemented into all Amphenol Canada connectors. Planar capacitors and diodes can provide the protection that your sensitive electronics require. Filtering can be on lines or select lines. Arinc 600, 404, & M83527 = 485 series. M83733 = 458 series M24308 = 308 series or FD308 series M83513 = M13 series

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

Product Harness & Hat Supports
Harness & Hat Supports
Designed to secure and guidewire bundles throughout an aircraft, Harness and Hat Supports were designed for lean manufacturing and durability. Built-in a one-piece, lightweight design with multiple fixing points, the high-performance products are strong, durable and make wire bundle installation and maintenance easy. They are able to support large bundles and high-stress requirements.

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