Amphenol is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for harsh environment military applications including vibration, pressure, humidity, nuclear radiation and severe temperature changes. We have unparalleled product breadth ranging from military specification connectors, customized high-speed board level interconnects, flexible to rigid printed circuit boards, backplane systems and integrated assemblies. Our solutions span most military end markets including avionics, communications, engines, ground vehicles and tanks, homeland security, naval, ordnance and missile systems, radar systems, rotorcraft, satellite and space programs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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Product Electronic Control Unit
Electronic Control Unit
ECUs allow for monitoring and controlling of critical applications such as Flight Controls, Avionic suites, Instrumentation, and Sensors. Electronic circuits are segregated and incorporate Front Face Panel, FPGA, MicroProcessors, and Software. We hold Part21G and PART145 certificates for production and maintenance.

Product EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2 (Composite)
EN4165 / SIM Connectors Series 2 (Composite)
Modular and rectangular, Amphenol Air LB France's EN4165 / SIM connectors consist of shells and modules, which together create an integrated solution for signal and power. Flexible and easy-to-use, SIM is suited for a wide range of applications. Available in composite versions for weight-saving applications, SIMs are comparable to U.S. MIL-STD-810 in performance.

Product EWIS Harness Electrical Wiring & Interconnect System.
EWIS Harness Electrical Wiring & Interconnect System.
EWIS Harnesses are designed to make the connection of Low Voltage Signals, Power Distribution, RF signals <2GHz, and Fiber Optic; in pressurized or unpressurized sections; in-cabin, cockpit, avionic bay, or even on Space applications. We hold Part21G and PART145 certificates for production and maintenance. We support product design and certification by delivering full documentation.

Product Extended Ferrule RF Cable Connectors
Extended Ferrule RF Cable Connectors
SV Microwave has released a new line of RF connectors for Ø.047" cable that features an extended-length ferrule to protect the solder joints and fragile cable sections from environmental stress. This cable connector product line includes threaded male SMA, 2.92mm, and 2.4mm configurations and female push-on SMP and SMPM configurations.

Product Fairlead Blocks
Fairlead Blocks
Fairlead Blocks provide stability against surges and vibration. Parts are designed with cored-out geometry to help reduce with by up to 20% from traditional rubber blocks. Amphenol’s engineering experience enables the company to develop blocks that accommodate a wide range of tube diameters, and the products have no loose parts—reducing the likelihood of FOD

Product Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Amphenol is vertically integrated to provide fiber optic termini, connectors, and cable assemblies as a single solution. Single-mode and multi-mode cable assemblies in a variety of cable configurations, from simplex jumpers to multi-fiber custom assemblies.

Product Fiber Optic Termini
Fiber Optic Termini
Multiple options available for single-mode and multi-mode termini in many industry standards -- MIL-PRF-29504, ARINC 801, MT ferrules.

Product Filtered Connectors
Filtered Connectors
EMI and EMP filters can be implemented into all Amphenol Canada connectors. Planar capacitors and diodes can provide the protection that your sensitive electronics require. Filtering can be on lines or select lines. Arinc 600, 404, & M83527 = 485 series. M83733 = 458 series M24308 = 308 series or FD308 series M83513 = M13 series

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

Product Harness & Hat Supports
Harness & Hat Supports
Designed to secure and guidewire bundles throughout an aircraft, Harness and Hat Supports were designed for lean manufacturing and durability. Built-in a one-piece, lightweight design with multiple fixing points, the high-performance products are strong, durable and make wire bundle installation and maintenance easy. They are able to support large bundles and high-stress requirements.

Product HD38999 High Density
HD38999 High Density
Features 30% more contact density than standard MIL-DTL-38999 inserts while utilizing the same connector dimensions and shell sizes. This connector design benefits users who need to increase the number of contacts in their application, allowing them to do so without increasing the size of their connector. Qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III.

Product HD-BNC Connector Series
HD-BNC Connector Series
The HD-BNC product series features the trusted, push and turn interface of a traditional BNC, providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating.

Product HDE (Class 1 DIv 1 )
HDE (Class 1 DIv 1 )
The HDE series is a HAZLOC EX Class 1, Div 1, and Zone 1 rated connector system for the most extreme hazardous locations. This product line is intermateable with the Pyle National AF/GD connectors. AEx Class I, Div 1 Gr BCD, T5-T6 Ex db IIC, T5-T6 Gb Explosion-Proof UL1203 and CSA C22.2 No. 30-M1986 Flame-Proof UL/ EN/ CSA C22.2 60079-1 Increased Safety UL/ EN/ CSA C2

Product Hermetic Bulkhead RF Adapters
Hermetic Bulkhead RF Adapters
SV Microwave has extended our selection of rugged RF interconnects with a new line of bulkhead hermetic adapters. These hermetically sealed, panel mount connectors can be used for "inside-of-the-box" applications that must withstand rigorous environments and harsh elements like water, dust, air, or the vacuum of space. Current configurations include SMA, 2.92mm, SMP and SMPM series.

Product High Density D-Sub
High Density D-Sub
Positronic offers a variety of standard and high-density D-subs, as well as accessories and ComboD-sub connectors. Highly reliable with precision-machined contacts, our connectors meet various industrial and military performance levels for applications from basic power supplies to advanced weapon systems and flight. Explore our design features including package size, contact, and mating variants.

Product High Frequency Coaxial D38999 Contacts
High Frequency Coaxial D38999 Contacts
SV Microwave offers DC to 40 GHz high frequency size 8, 12 and 16 coaxial contacts for the D38999 Series III housing and standard inserts. These contacts allow any application to continue to use the D38999 connector and be able to expand the use to include the microwave transmission lines.

Product Infinity
High power interface with a wide variety of features providing solutions for system design challenges created by increasing power consumption.

Product InstaBend 086
InstaBend 086
INSTABEND™ are flexible, coaxial microwave assemblies designed for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules, and enclosure panels. The cable can be bent very closely behind the connector, simplifying cable routing.

Product IP67
IP67 rated D-Subs are built to protect your electronics from ingress of dust, solids, water, and other liquids. Sealing is available in PCB mount and Crimp Removable.

Product Jig Board Clamps
Jig Board Clamps
Jig Board Clamps outlast and outperform, made of Acetal. Our durable clamps maintain their original shape after continued use, yet the smooth design of their edges diminishes wear and tear as the harnesses are being assembled. Developed in multiple sizes, our Jig Board clamps can accommodate a wide range of cable diameters. The one-piece design enables efficient inventory management.

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