Amphenol is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems for harsh environment military applications including vibration, pressure, humidity, nuclear radiation and severe temperature changes. We have unparalleled product breadth ranging from military specification connectors, customized high-speed board level interconnects, flexible to rigid printed circuit boards, backplane systems and integrated assemblies. Our solutions span most military end markets including avionics, communications, engines, ground vehicles and tanks, homeland security, naval, ordnance and missile systems, radar systems, rotorcraft, satellite and space programs and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

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Product UltraLite RF Cable Connectors
UltraLite RF Cable Connectors
Amphenol SV Microwave's UltraLite product line has been constructed with aluminum material with the goal of creating durable, reliable, and lightweight high-performance RF cable connectors. Available in threaded SMA and 2.92mm series, these Ø.047" cable connectors are 66% lighter than their stainless steel counterparts.

Product Ultrasonic Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors
Piezo Technologies manufactures a world-renowned line of piezoelectric ceramic materials, as well as engineered solutions and sensor designs for custom ultrasonic transducers, devices, assemblies, and systems. Piezo’s specialized piezoceramic formulations and integrated ultrasonic systems enable precision measurements, sensors, acoustic events, and more.

Product USB 2.0 & 3.0 Tactical Cordsets
USB 2.0 & 3.0 Tactical Cordsets
USB2.0 & USB3.0 cordsets for harsh environments.

Product USB3 FTV Memory Keys
USB3 FTV Memory Keys
Amphenol SOCAPEX reinforced USB memory keys are available in different capacities: 32, 64, 128 & 256Gb, and more. They can only be used with our Amphenol Socapex USB3FTV or USBFTV receptacles for data storage in harsh environments. The USB3.2 Gen1 max transfer rate is 5 Gb/s.

Product USB3F TV - Reduced Flange
USB3F TV - Reduced Flange
With USB Field, you can insert a standard USB 3.0 cordset into a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust, and fluids. No hazardous on-field cabling and grounding!

Product USB Extender / Amplifier
USB Extender / Amplifier
Extend your USB cordsets connection length over long distances.

Product USB Field TV Cordsets & Jumpers
USB Field TV Cordsets & Jumpers
USBF TV & USB3F TV with USB cables cordsets.

Product USBF TV & USB3F TV
With Amphenol SOCAPEX USBF TV & USB3F TV, connectors, users can insert a standard USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cordset into a metallic plug that protects it from shock, dust, and fluids. The range is for Atex Zone 2 environments. It's based on MIL-DTL-38999 series III with a threaded locking mechanism. The connectors are sealed against fluids and dust (IP68).

Product U-Snap Clamp
U-Snap Clamp
Available in Nylon, PEEK, and Ultem. Aerospace-grade VHB tape per 5958FR . Versatile Base geometry for VHB or wet process. Lightweight, metal-free design. Color-coded grommets for each size. Accommodates multiple-sized grommets per housing. Bonded & mounted Versions are available.

Product VG96912 - SJT
VG96912 - SJT
Lightweight scoop-proof bayonet.

Product Vibration, Pressure, Force & Acoustic Sensors
Vibration, Pressure, Force & Acoustic Sensors
PCB manufactures sensors used by design engineers and testing professionals to measure vibration, shock, pressure, force/strain, and acoustics in research and development, as well as monitoring applications for aerospace and defense, automotive, transportation, civil engineering, and general R&D industries.

Product Vibration Sensors
Vibration Sensors
Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies has a strong legacy of success in vibration monitoring with hundreds of thousands of sensors currently in service around the world. Built for long use and excellent performance, our high-quality accelerometers, 4-20 mA sensors, vibration transmitters, and instrumentation provide accurate and reliable measurements for demanding applications across many markets.

Product Viper
Viper connectors offer a ruggedized VPX-compliant interconnect solution capable of up to 10 Gbps. With 63 differential signals per linear inch, this high-density connector system was developed to meet current and future requirements for high speed in high-level vibration and mechanical shock environments. Footprint compatible with VITA 46 connectors to leverage existing module card designs.

Product VITA 66.1 and 66.4
VITA 66.1 and 66.4
Ruggedized blind-mate optical MT Module/Backplane connector systems designed to meet the VITA 66.1 and 66.4 open architecture specifications. These products can be utilized in VPX systems as defined per VITA 46 or as standalone blind-mate optical connector solutions. They provide reliable high-speed connections for the most extreme commercial and military environments.

Product VITA RF 67 for Embedded Computing
VITA RF 67 for Embedded Computing
SV Microwave’s VITA 67.1, .2, and .3 product lines are the latest addition to the RF / coaxial section of the VPX platform. These modular solutions include contacts, cable assemblies, adapters, and connector Backplane and Plug-in modules that support your embedded system's entire RF signal path. SV’s VITA products are designed for side-by-side implementation with other VITA connector standards.

Product VPX 3U 5-Slot ½ Size ATR Backplane
VPX 3U 5-Slot ½ Size ATR Backplane
Amphenol-BSI’s range of VPX backplanes is fully customizable to our customers requirements. One such example is the ½ size ATR backplane that uses an OpenVPX65 profile, but the mechanical envelope is customized to fit a typical ½ size ATR enclosure. ABSI continues to invest in our Engineering team to provide our customers with a Solution Provider that they can trust and grow in partnership.

Product VPX Optical and Coax Backplane (VITA 66 & 67)
VPX Optical and Coax Backplane (VITA 66 & 67)
VITA 66.x and VITA 67.x are standards that define families of blind mate Fibre Optic interconnects and analogue coaxial interconnects respectively, for use with VPX 46 backplanes and plugin modules. Features: -multiple guiding features for blind mate -support industry standard MT ferrules up to 24 fibre optic channel per MT -rugged durability to chassis, payload cards -interoperability

Product Warrior Grip Series
Warrior Grip Series
2M804 push-pull series to offer a solution designed to exceed the rigorous requirements of the US Army’s Nett Warrior program. Includes a unique mate-force rating for even quicker disconnect and selectively plated shells for improved conductivity. When paired with our 7.5 Amp Warrior Grip Contact system, you can get even more power out of your application in the same lightweight package.

Product Wire and Cable Harnesses
Wire and Cable Harnesses
Electrical installation for buses, special vehicles, machines (construction and agricultural), marine, and rolling stock (low and high voltage). Traditional and CAN-based installation (power, signal, communication wires, and cables), with various means of protection.

Product Wired Control Panels
Wired Control Panels
Wired Control Panels are used in the cockpit or in the avionic bay. Features are done through wired electromechanical components such as toggle, rotary, breakers, indicators. They may incorporate a Front Face Panel with lighted legends, touches. We hold Part21G and PART145 certificates for production & maintenance. We support product design and certification by delivering full documentation.

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