Amphenol is a leading supplier of advanced interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a growing array of automotive applications. In addition, we have developed advanced technology solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and are working with leading global customers to proliferate these advanced interconnect products into next-generation automobiles. Our primary solutions for automotive include antennas, electric vehicles, engine management and control, exhaust monitoring and cleaning, hybrid vehicles, infotainment and communications, lighting, power management, safety and security systems, sensing systems, telematics systems and transmission systems.

Product 12G SDI RF Connectors
12G SDI RF Connectors
Amphenol RF's line of 12G BNC, HD-BNC, and MCX products are optimized for 4K Ultra HD Broadcast, providing fully intact signal transmission on a single channel.

Product 12V Power Outlets
12V Power Outlets
The traditional 12V outlet socket provides a simple easy-to-use consumer interface port to power in the vehicle for numerous consumer products, such as phone chargers.

Product 48V Power Products
48V Power Products
Modules that support 48V electrical topology in vehicles, such as power switches and boost converters.

Product ACA-B Series
ACA-B Series
This series meets the applicable requirements of SAE AS95234 and VG95234 with optional RADSOK® socket contacts for up to 250 amps possible in a ruggedized harsh environment, metal, reverse bayonet coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 280 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 85 contacts per connector with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product AGE Power Connectors
AGE Power Connectors
AGE96929 its single pole high Ampere low voltage reverse bayonet connector meets the requirements of VG96929 standard. Shell design & mating dimensions based on VG95234 standard. Insulator split type with two-piece construction retained with constant spring force which allows exchanging crimp contacts multiple times.

Product Aggregate Interfaces
Aggregate Interfaces
Electrically powered auxiliary units are increasing rapidly in electrically powered vehicles. While the waste heat from the engine can be used to heat the interior of the combustion engine or the air conditioning compressor can be driven mechanically, the electric vehicle requires electrical auxiliary units.

Product Airbag Harness
Airbag Harness
Cable Assembly with high-quality manufacturing & control

Product Airbag / SRS Connector China / Asia
Airbag / SRS Connector China / Asia
Amphenol connected the first airbag back in the late 1970s. Since that time Amphenol is a leading supplier of innovative airbag connectors including EMI filter and ESD solution. All major interfaces and variants are available within Amphenol.

Product Airbag / SRS Connector Europe & North America
Airbag / SRS Connector Europe & North America
The Airbag connectors are available with various codings. The latest generation of the airbag connector is the ABX-5. The integrated ground connection and the integrated Poka Yoke principle for each coding, ensure the best possible safety.

Product Ambient Lighting
Ambient Lighting
Customer-specific ambient lighting products. Technology for dynamic light functions, illuminated surfaces, direct light lines, indirect light, and Class-A surfaces is available. All products with RGB or single color are available. Product examples: dashboard-, door-, center console-, seat illumination

Product Ambient Lighting China / Asia
Ambient Lighting China / Asia
Docharm's expertise in Automotive Interior Lighting provides diverse solutions to dashboards, doors, passenger, center console, etc. through direct and indirect light with LED RGB source technology and light guides. Highlight: • Internal laboratory for photometry and colorimetry measurements • Optical Simulation

Product Amphe-309 Pin and Sleeve
Amphe-309 Pin and Sleeve
Pin & Sleeve IEC 60309 UL listed. The Amphe-309 consists of both IP44 (splash-proof) and IP67 (Water Proof) devices from 16 A up to 125 A, from a simple plug to customer-specified combination units. The series range covers all clock positions in use for low profile, watertight, and Heavy Duty solutions. EC 603 09-1 & 2, EN 60 309-1 & 2, BS 4343-2 1992, and UL 1682 & 1686.

Product Antenna LNA
Antenna LNA
Amphenol's independent amplifier box can be applied to AM, FM, and DAB frequency bands. The amplifier usually matches a corresponding antenna. It comes with a customized harness length and a standard Fakra connector.

Product ARC Series™
ARC Series™
Available in 24 and 40 positions Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are a rugged, heavy-duty, environmentally-sealed, rectangular connector series where high pin-counts are required in situations with controlled and/or uncontrolled environmental conditions. Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are currently available as In-Line Plugs and Flange Mount Receptacles.

Product Armor IPX™
Armor IPX™
Available in 2 Sizes (Standard and Large). Amphenol Sine Systems' Armor IPX™ Family of Sealed Enclosures provides superior protection for printed circuit boards and electronic control modules in harsh environments and off-road applications. Available in two (2) sizes, as well as three (3) different material types: Clear Thermoplastic, Black Thermoplastic, or Ultem® (Transparent Amber).

Product A Series
A Series
Amphenol Sine Systems' A Series™ Family of sealed heavy-duty, multi-pin plastic and metal connectors includes a wide range of products serving many industries. A cost-effective solution for use with Heavy Equipment, Agricultural, Automotive, Military, Alternate Energy, and other demanding interconnect architectures.

Product ATHD Series™
ATHD Series™
Our ATHD Series™ Single-Pole, Heavy Duty Power Connectors provide an IP67/69K rated (mated), environmentally sealed connection system and viable solution to field splices and terminals in harsh environments. Safety features include an integral latch to prevent inadvertent disconnect and an audible click, tactile feel provide circuit confirmation

Product AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA Connector Series
AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA Connector Series
The AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA connector series, the latest in automotive interconnect technology, is a space-conscious, high-performance interface central to the next generation of vehicle applications.

Product Automotive Antennas
Automotive Antennas
Amphenol’s automotive antennas and RF cable assemblies are integrated into car doors, window glass, and infotainment systems; and assembled onto vehicle roofs. From shark fin antennas to coaxial assemblies, Amphenol can provide solutions for GPS, SDARS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G LTE, and AM/FM.

Product Automotive Cable Assemblies China / Asia
Automotive Cable Assemblies China / Asia
Customer and application-specific cable assemblies for all electric functions in a vehicle. Harness assemblies including standard connectors and customized interconnect solutions.

Product Automotive Electrical Connectors
Automotive Electrical Connectors
The connector housings for accommodating flat contacts of various sizes are used for the electrical connection between the wiring harness and the various units in the car. There are 1- to 14-pole versions in sealed or unsealed design.

Product Automotive HF / Coaxial Harness Assemblies China / Asia
Automotive HF / Coaxial Harness Assemblies China / Asia
Automotive HF / RF components and harness assemblies to connect antennas, cameras, radio, infotainment, and connectivity modules. All commonly used standard interfaces like FAKRA GEN3 / GEN4 and MiniCoax / Mini FAKRA are available.

Product Automotive LV Connector China / Asia
Automotive LV Connector China / Asia
Automotive multi pole harness connectors - sealed and unsealed for low voltage applications. 1 pin to 43 pin connector including TPA, CPA, Seal, for all major terminal systems. Flat terminal size range from 0.5 / 0.64 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.8 / 4.8 / 6.3 / 9.5 mm.

Product Automotive Mast Antenna
Automotive Mast Antenna
Amphenol's fiber glass mast antenna is widely used in pickup trucks. The antenna covers AM, FM and DAB frequency bands. It has 2 versions of length: 595mm and 685 mm. A customized thread can be applied for installation.

Product Backshells
Backshells are available in different types for a variety of applications. In ground and naval applications, the robustness and the environmental sealing may be more important, whereas weight may be a prime consideration for space and Aerospace application. Military & Aerospace applications are governed by SAE, AS85049 standard, and our Backshells are designed to meet requirements of this standard

Product BarKlip® BK100 I/O for EV Charging
BarKlip® BK100 I/O for EV Charging
BarKlip® BK100 I/O provides a convenient method of distributing up to 100A between busbars, cables, and circuit boards. It features 12 fully independent cantilevered beams, providing a true compliant spring to adjust for variations in busbar alignment and surface finish. The ultrasonically welded connection between the wire & contact increases the efficiency and reliability of current transition.

Product BarKlip® BK200 I/O for EV Charging
BarKlip® BK200 I/O for EV Charging
BarKlip®BK200 I/O provides a convenient method of distributing up to 200A between busbars, cables, and circuit boards. It features 14 fully independent cantilevered beams, providing a true compliant spring to adjust for variations in busbar alignment and surface finish. The ultrasonically welded connection between the wire and contact increases the efficiency and reliability of current transition.

Product BarKlip® XP Connectors for EV Charging
BarKlip® XP Connectors for EV Charging
HIGH POWER AND LOW RESISTANCE BUSBAR CONNECTOR FOR EV CHARGING STATIONS Amphenol ICC's BarKlip® XP connectors feature independent points of contact that provide overall lower resistance and greater overall efficiency. BarKlip® XP series is capable of distributing anywhere from 150 to 1000A of power to busbar power distribution applications.

Product BATSOK
HV/HP connector for applications >60V. The connectors can be flexible or rigid and are available in various cross-sections. Also known as battery module connector.

Product Battery Structural Components
Battery Structural Components
Modern high-voltage battery systems consist of many individual cells. These can be held together by cell connectors in the correct grid and thus safely contacted. Power rails for transferring the energy of the individual cells inside or outside the battery are also part of our portfolio.

Product Below Grade HDPE Handhole Enclosures
Below Grade HDPE Handhole Enclosures
Charles Below Grade Enclosures (CBGE) are lightweight, molded HDPE handholes available in five rectangular and two round sizes. Designed for light-duty placements (parkway/greenbelt applications), these ANSI/SCTE rated below-grade enclosures store fiber optic and copper cable slack, meters, sealed cases, control valves, ground rods, signal controls, and various other equipment.

Product BergStak® 0.40mm Self-Alignment Board-to-Board Connector
BergStak® 0.40mm Self-Alignment Board-to-Board Connector
FCI Basics BergStak® 0.40mm self-alignment connectors come with a stack height of 3.50mm and 30 positions extendable up to 10 to 60 positions with 10 positions incremental. It has a unique self-alignment feature that supports blind mating, ensuring a reliable connection. The USCAR-2 compliant connector is also ideal for the automotive market.

Product BergStak® FX10 0.50mm Board-to-Board Connector
BergStak® FX10 0.50mm Board-to-Board Connector
FCI Basics BergStak® product range is expanded to include a 0.50 mm BergStak® FX10 board-to-board connector known for its fast data transmission and high signal quality. This connector is offered in 144 positions and is available in 4.30mm and 6.00mm stack height options. BergStak® FX10 supports speed performance up to 15Gb/s+ and is available in vertical SMT configuration.

Product BergStik® 2.54mm
BergStik® 2.54mm
BergStik® FCI Basics 2.54mm unshrouded headers are available in SMT, THT, press-fit, stacking, and PIP versions. Designed in single and double row, they are available in straight or right angle options, from 2 to 72 positions. Featuring a "breakaway" design, each connector can be cut or broken into lengths to suit the application profile with a maximum current rating of 3A per contact.

Product Bi-Component Molding
Bi-Component Molding
Seals can be assembled or also molded on in 2-component injection molding. 2-component hard-hard combinations are also possible.

Product BKC
The BKC (Baby King Cobra) series is a Quarter-turn economical miniature form factor circular connectors with lightweight, non-corrodible, composite material and qualified to UL #E220614.

Product Board-to-Board Connectors - B401/B402 Series (0.80mm pitch)
Board-to-Board Connectors - B401/B402 Series (0.80mm pitch)
HIGH DENSITY VERTICAL BOARD-TO-BOARD CONNECTORS Amphenol's B401/B402 series is 0.80mm pitch board-to-board connectors designed for high-density applications. They support stack heights up to 10mm and 100 positions. These connectors feature surface mount terminations and are available in a comprehensive range to satisfy different customer requirements.

Product Board-to-Board RF Connectors
Board-to-Board RF Connectors
Amphenol RF offers a variety of board-to-board solutions engineered to maximize radial and axial float, eliminating the need for cables between the boards and simplifying designs to eliminate assembly errors.

Product Boltrack™ Connector
Boltrack™ Connector
FCI Basics Boltrack™ connector promotes signal and PoE++ transmission over Cat 5e and 6 cables in a wide range of datacom and industrial applications. It offers lightning protection, EMI shielding, and is field-installable. Boltrack™ connector comes in a 4-pair right-angle board receptacle and cable plug mating combination. The connector can resist voltages up to 2,500V.

Product Buckle Switch Assemblies
Buckle Switch Assemblies
Mechanical & Hall Effect Switches for seatbelt detection

Product Build-to-Print Harness Assemblies
Build-to-Print Harness Assemblies
Various build-to-print cable assemblies including different processes such as potting, overmolding, and electrical welding

Product Bulb Sockets
Bulb Sockets
Cemm Thome´s bulb sockets provide solutions for automotive exterior lamps, assuring quality performance due to internal development, design, internal laboratory, injection, assembly. Highlight: • USCAR-15 Validation • Socket diversity for different CAP´s and focal lengths • Sealed and unsealed • Customizable design • Ergonomics • Optional handles

Product Bulb Sockets China / Asia
Bulb Sockets China / Asia
Docharm Amphenol has the ability to develop and design light bulb sockets. The entire in-house development, testing, production, and assembly can be realized. Complete production testing can confirm the reliability of product quality. Highlight: · USCAR-15 Validation · Socket diversity · Sealed and unsealed · Customizable design

Product Cable Assemblies - Connectivity
Cable Assemblies - Connectivity
Tecvox supplies a full range of high-speed data cable assemblies including USB, HSD, LVDS, HDMI, and emerging Type C interfaces. Tecvox data management cables complete connectivity networks, supplying fully validated systems to our customers.

Product CCS1 EVSE Cable Assy
CCS1 EVSE Cable Assy
CCS1 EVSE cable assembly for Charging Electrical Vehicles. MADE IN USA 200A, 125A, and 65A assemblies options UL2251 with UL62 cable rated with outstanding flexibility performance.

Product Charge Inlet China / Asia
Charge Inlet China / Asia
Charge inlets and assemblies for eMobility applications. There is a wide portfolio of Charge Ports available supporting all major interfaces like GB/T, IEC Type 1 & Type 2, DC Combo, or DC Fast Charging. Special features including locking actuator or LED Charge indicator lights are available as well as related charge plugs and cable assemblies.

Product Chassis & Safety Harness
Chassis & Safety Harness
Electrical Liftgate System - contactless and quiet opening and closing of the boot is ensured by electric spindle drives. We manufacture these cable harnesses and the corresponding components on automatic production lines. Process steps such as overmolding inserts, automated clamp assembly, induction soldering, and casting are carried out according to customer specifications.

Product Combined Pressure & Temperature Sensors
Combined Pressure & Temperature Sensors
i2s is your contact for the development and production of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, mass air flow sensors, as well as combination sensors for several measurements. Customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle, mechanical engineering, and metrology industries have been relying on our experience and know-how for more than 15 years.

Product ComboStak® and PowerStak® Board-to-Board Connectors
ComboStak® and PowerStak® Board-to-Board Connectors
ComboStak® and PowerStak® are compact, hybrid (signal and power), and power board-to-board connectors. ComboStak® combines existing, BergStak® 0.8mm pitch signal pins with 2.00mm pitch power blades. PowerStak® is the power-only version. Both ComboStak® and PowerStak® provide high signal and current density with a wide range of stack heights.

Product Composite Mounting Platforms (CPAD)
Composite Mounting Platforms (CPAD)
Composite Pads (CPAD) are economical alternatives for poured in place and pre-cast concrete pads used to mount cabinets, generators, electric vehicle chargers, and other outdoor enclosures. They provide a flat, stable mounting surface and below-grade slack storage. One-piece and modular bay designs are available. Advanced composite material construction is both lightweight and rugged.

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