Amphenol is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of connectors and interconnect systems, antennas solutions, sensors and high-speed cable. Our connector and connector system solutions include fiber optic interconnect, harsh environment interconnect, high-speed interconnect, power interconnect, power distribution and busbars and radio frequency (RF) interconnect products. Our sensors and sensor-based product solutions include gas and moisture sensors, level sensors, position sensor, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and vibration sensors. Our value-added cable assemblies include cable assemblies and harnesses, cable management products and backplane interconnect systems. Our cable solutions include coaxial cable, power cable and specialty cable. We also provide combiner/splitter products, flexible and rigid printed circuit boards, hinges and molded parts.

Our wide array of electrical and electronic connectors come in multiple form factors and are designed to meet the latest market needs, including high power requirements, higher speeds, size and weight reduction, EMI shielding, hermeticity, high pressure, and improved board retention.
Cable Assemblies
Amphenol’s cable assemblies include simple point-to-point cables, custom high-power and high-speed data cable assemblies and complex multi-branch harness assemblies for large equipment and systems across a broad range of end markets.
Amphenol is a leading innovator in sensor technologies and measurement solutions. We offer the most diverse sensor portfolio of standard and customized products for the world’s most demanding regulatory and industry-driven applications.
Antenna Solutions
Amphenol designs and manufactures a wide range of high-performance antennas spanning large-scale solutions for telecommunications equipment for base stations and Small Cell Antennas to antennas for automotive connectivity as well as small-scale antennas for mobile devices.
Power Distribution
Our extensive range of high-power products, including high-power connectors and cable assemblies, busbars, and high-power contacts, meet many industry-specifications for industrial, hybrid and electric vehicles, solar, military, commercial aerospace and IT datacom systems.
Raw Cable
Amphenol’s cable products include coaxial, audio/video and data communications as well as custom cable solutions. Our solutions span a variety of customer needs across lightweight applications, high-speed, high-power requirements, space-constrained environments and EMI shielding.
Printed Circuits
Our custom-designed solutions across printed circuit boards (PCBs), rigid-flex assemblies, flex circuits, RF and backplane assemblies, span a broad array of capabilities for high-speed, high-complexity and high-reliability system solutions.
Accessories and Other
Amphenol designs and builds a broad range of accessories to complement our connector and cable assembly portfolio. We also manufacture integrated system solutions, such as media converters, Ethernet switches, cabinet solutions and distribution boxes.