Environmental, Social and Governance

Amphenol’s high-performance culture of entrepreneurial accountability is uniquely powerful in ensuring a sustainable future. By giving our local management around the world the authority to run their respective businesses, the entire Amphenol organization is empowered to truly “think globally, but act locally.”

View our Sustainability Report to learn about our approach and progress on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues most significant to our business.

Providing Renewable Energy
Nurturing Biodiversity

Our facilities are implementing biodiversity initiatives to help our natural ecosystems.

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Amphenol Air LB - Carignan, France

To enhance biodiversity near our Amphenol Air LB facility in Carignan, France, our team has come up with a creative solution to managing unwanted plant growth around the site. During the growing season, sheep are brought to the site to help with weed and invasive plant management. This practice of eco-pasturing has led to increased flora and fauna biodiversity and resulted in the reduced use of traditional land management machinery. These regenerative agriculture initiatives and many others around Amphenol help reduce overall resource consumption and foster local biodiversity.

Sustainable 5G Infrastructure Story
Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Across Amphenol, we are working to reduce the carbon footprint of our facilities.

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Amphenol TCS - Mexicali, Mexico

Our Amphenol TCS facility in Mexicali, Mexico created a communications campaign inviting personnel to propose ideas for sustainable process improvements. The campaign increased awareness at the site through visual communication in the facility as well as through training sessions and monthly events where employees shared ideas. As a result of the campaign, our team identified inefficient energy usage points in the facility, most notably leaks in certain air compression equipment. Air compressors can account for up to 30% of the total energy consumed in a factory because of their use in powering essential pneumatic tools and equipment. Within six automated production lines, we found several air leaks which caused the air compressors to be activated even when not in use, including during weekends, night shifts and other periods of low demand. To resolve the inefficiency and reduce energy usage in the facility, a series of protected Wi-Fi-enabled power valves were installed in each of the automatic lines to open and close the air lines at the beginning and end of each process. The installation of these power valves in October helped save the facility 97.2 metric tons CO₂e in energy consumption during 2023.

Energy Reduction in Action Story
Supporting our Communities

We actively engage with our local communities where our employees live and work.

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Procom - Wellingborough, United Kingdom

At Amphenol, our commitment to sustainability extends to reducing food waste and cultivating community gardens through volunteer initiatives. Employees at our Amphenol Procom UK facility volunteered for a local charity that assists people experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable adults in the community. Employees provided maintenance work on the center’s fruit and vegetable garden including weeding plots, pruning fruit trees and cultivating soil for future crops. The fruits and vegetables harvested from the garden support the charity’s food bank and community café, as well as contribute to fundraising efforts through produce sales.


We strive to make the highest quality products for our customers with the smallest environmental footprint.
Total Waste Recycled, Reused or Recovered
Down Arrow37%
Water Withdrawal Intensity
2023 vs 2017
Down Arrow23%
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity
2023 vs 2017

Our People

Our greatest asset is our hard-working, dedicated and entrepreneurial employees across the globe.

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Our People

Supply Chain

We continually evaluate our suppliers to confirm that they are acting to secure the sustainability of our world while behaving as responsible global citizens.
Supply Chain - Supplier Conduct
Supplier Conduct
We are a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate responsibility in global supply chains.
Supply Chain - Human Rights
Human Rights
We have zero tolerance for human trafficking and slavery. Our Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits the use of forced, bonded and indentured labor and involuntary prison labor.
Supply Chain - Conflict Minerals
Conflict Minerals
We actively survey our supply chain regarding the origin of the 3TG used in our products to ensure appropriate reasonable country of origin inquiry and due diligence has been performed.

Product Responsibility

Every day billions of people around the world interact with our products. Our job is to make sure that these interactions are safe, reliable and productive.

Product Responsibility