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Amphenol designs and manufactures an extensive range of interconnect products, antennas and electromechanical components found in a wide array of mobile computing devices. Amphenol’s capability for high-volume production of these technically demanding, miniaturized products, combined with our speed of new product introduction, are critical drivers of our long-term success in this market. Our solutions address consumer electronics, e-readers, laptops, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, mobile computing devices, smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and wearable and hearable devices.

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Product 4.3-10 Connector Series
4.3-10 Connector Series
Amphenol RF offers a full range of 4.3-10 connectors and adapters, which are engineered for the wireless market and are ideal for applications requiring low passive intermodulation, or PIM.

Product Barrier Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
EBY offers a complete selection of industry standard terminal blocks and barrier strips - which may be customized to your needs - support a broad range of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations. For bare or terminated wires Wire-to-board or wire-to-wire feed-through styles No special tools required for installation Easy field termination Flexible design options - contact us!

Product Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies
Amphenol's cable assemblies are widespread in the market for wearable products. These cable assemblies are used for data transfer and power charging. Amphenol's Charger Cable Solutions provide highly flexible customized connection solutions from standard USB 2.0/3.0 to the device side with Pogo pins or Spring. The connection mechanisms include magnetic, buckling, clamping, cradle, etc.

Product Coaxial Inserts
Coaxial Inserts
Size 8 coaxial inserts for DIN and D-Sub applications. Available for common flexible coaxial cables.

Product ComboLock® Wire-to-Board Connector System
ComboLock® Wire-to-Board Connector System
The ComboLock® Wire-to-Board connector's compact design for the limited space application needs carries power and signal requirements. The connector system has hybrid 1.00mm pitch signal and 3.00mm pitch power configuration with an active latching feature. The connector has a nominal current carrying capacity of 10A/pin max for power and 1.5A/pin max for signal. Power wire sizes from 26 to 18AWG

Product D-Sub Slimline
D-Sub Slimline
ULTRA SLIM D-SUB CONNECTORS FCI Basics has expanded the D-Sub connectors with a modified ultra-slim body with contact alignment in a single row. These are available both in SMT termination suitable for reflow soldering and solder tail version for standard wave soldering. These connectors also feature solderable retention pegs that absorb vibration.

Product D-Sub Standard Density Connectors
D-Sub Standard Density Connectors
Amphenol ICC's D-Subminiature standard density product line offers a wide range of termination options for board and cable ends, bringing down the overall cost of cable assembly and connectors significantly. The terminations include Straight, Right Angle, SMT, Press Fit, and Slim Sunk for board side, and Solder Cup, Crimping, IDC Ribbon, Solderless Wire Wrap, and Screw Termination for cable side.

Product Entertainment Antennas
Entertainment Antennas
Amphenol’s high-performance WIFI antenna solutions for entertainment systems such as PlayStation, TV, and wireless sound systems enable excellent connectivity and high speeds. Multi-antennas for the MIMO system allows better reception and data rates.

Product FFC/FPC Connectors (0.50mm pitch)
FFC/FPC Connectors (0.50mm pitch)
0.50mm pitch flex connectors utilize 0.50mm contact spacing to terminate mobile devices across a variety of applications. These connectors are offered with top, bottom, dual beams & dual contact positions with both ZIF and Non-ZIF cable terminations. The connector series comes with a wide height range of 0.70mm to 5.80mm with 4 to 80 contact positions in both vertical and right angle orientations.

Product FFC/FPC Connectors (1.00mm pitch)
FFC/FPC Connectors (1.00mm pitch)
1.00mm pitch flex connectors utilize 1.00mm contact spacing to terminate displays and support complex board-to-board connections. These connectors are offered with top and bottom contact positions in both ZIF and Non-ZIF cable terminations. The connector series comes with a wide height range of 1.90mm to 5.04mm with 3 to 34 contact positions in both vertical and right angle orientations.

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