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Amphenol is a leading global interconnect solutions provider to the mobile networks market and offers a wide product portfolio, including antennas, connectors and interconnect systems. Our products are used in current and next-generation wireless communications standards, including in 5G networks. We works with service providers around the world to offer an array of antennas and installation-related site solution interconnect products. We provide solutions that span antenna systems, base stations, combiners, filters and amplifiers, core network controllers, distributed antenna systems (DAS), mobile switches, radio links, small cells and wireless routers.

Product ExpressPort® QSFP+
ExpressPort® QSFP+
Amphenol's ExpressPort® QSFP+ interconnect system is comprised of a 38 position 0.8mm pitch SMT connector, & a press-fit cage. With four channels of data in one pluggable, the system interface is capable of transferring data up to 16Gb/s per Channel, & replacing up to 4 standard SFP+ receptacles. These features result in greater port density & overall cost savings over traditional SFP+ products.

Product ExtremePort™ QSFP DD 112G Connectors
ExtremePort™ QSFP DD 112G Connectors
Amphenol's ExtremePort™ QSFP DD 112G interconnect system is comprised of a 76 position, 0.8mm pitch connector built for use in high-speed serial applications. Each port supports up to 800Gb/s in aggregate over an 8 x 112Gb/s electrical interface. The cage and connector design provides backward compatibility to QSFP56...

Product F2X Fiber Optic Building Entry Point
F2X Fiber Optic Building Entry Point
The building entry point (BEP) enables easy connection of buildings to your fiber optic network. The BEP can accommodate different numbers of fibers according to your needs. With the patented F2X® solution you are able to connect and measure FTTX installations faster.

Product Fiber Demarcation Box Gen 3 (FD3)
Fiber Demarcation Box Gen 3 (FD3)
The FD3 offers a lightweight aluminum housing with enhancements to cable ports, tie-down brackets and seals, layered fiber routing, various connector port types, and increased capacity, as well as door lock options. Splice trays are configurable to accommodate discrete passive components, such as splitters and WDM filters, as well as High-Density optical modules.

Product Fiber Demarcation Enhanced Access Box (FDE)
Fiber Demarcation Enhanced Access Box (FDE)
The FDE enclosure has a low profile, side-by-side door design that provides an ideal environment for splicing and patching in indoor wall-mount applications. An integrated access door on the customer side of the enclosure provides a generous opening for a cleaning tool to reach the optical connectors, resulting in a more craft-friendly design.

Product Fiber Optic Pre-Assembled Cable Drum
Fiber Optic Pre-Assembled Cable Drum
Made for mobile applications - the cable drum with universal cable. Stretches can be used in protected indoor areas or in the field. The flexible cable sheath is designed for multiple uses. In addition, the reinforced cable sheath ensures increased tensile and transverse compressive strength. The cable could be assembled with a wide range of connectors, standard as well as more special ones.

Product Fiber Splice Box (FSB)
Fiber Splice Box (FSB)
The FSB series of indoor wall mount enclosures are designed for centralized splice-only applications. These boxes are well suited as optical cable splice collection points for DAS (Distribution Antenna Systems), MTU (Multi-Tenant Unit), commercial business applications, and MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) residential fiber network applications.

Product Fiber to Antenna (FTTA) Interconnect Solutions
Fiber to Antenna (FTTA) Interconnect Solutions
Borne from the foundation of D38999 mil-spec harsh environment connectors, the FTTA interconnect solution combines standard fiber optic LC components and copper contacts in a rugged, affordable package. The FTTA series is highly configurable to support a wide range of industrial applications where fiber and copper connectivity are required in a single connector.

Product Fiber Transition Terminals
Fiber Transition Terminals
Fiber Transition Terminals are ideal for low-density fiber circuits. They serve as a customer demarcation point for fiber entering the customer premises. They protect fiber drops from the elements and provide organized fiber slack storage. Fiber bend controls ensure proper bend radius requirements are met. 4 to 24 port models are available.

Product Filtered D-Sub Connectors
Filtered D-Sub Connectors
FCI Basics Filtered D-Sub Connectors safeguard the function of electrical devices and systems in critical applications by offering EMC protection and by maintaining signal integrity. The connector additionally incorporates a filter element mounted between each contact and the ground shell of the standard D-Sub without having to alter footprint dimensions.

Product Fits Field Install Termination System
Fits Field Install Termination System
The FIT system is a robust line of LLSB™ cables, connectors, and tools that can be easily and reliably terminated in the field.

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

Product FlexTrax Cable Manager
FlexTrax Cable Manager
FlexTrax combines the flexibility of split tubes with greater ease of access than slotted duct, significantly reducing the potential to pinch or bend a fiber compared to current vertical cable management methods. Users can purchase FlexTrax as needed for the application based on the estimated length required. Installation is simple and dynamic, allowing users to customize their solutions.

Product Front Runner
Front Runner
The Front Runner series offers a multiplicity of connector features which makes it a first choice to meet the high performance and high-reliability requirements of medical, transportation, industrial control, and avionics applications. It's constructed with lightweight, non-corrodible material. EMI/RFI shielded version with electroless nickel plated plastic is available, as well as an IP67 version

Product FS34
These connectors are precision machined to stringent tolerances and designed to provide superior optical performance in extreme environmental conditions. FS34 offers rugged military and industrial multichannel fiber optic connectors with a captivation system developed by AFSI and Quickloc™ backshells.

Product FSBDC Series Bayonet Duplex Connector
FSBDC Series Bayonet Duplex Connector
The FSBDC is rugged, has a tri-mating bayonet locking mechanism, and is sealed ensuring high environmental and optical performance for a variety of applications in harsh environments. The FSBDC is based on the proven Pattern 105 size 10 series of electrical connectors. The bayonet coupling offers simplistic and quick mating/de-mating. The shell material can be brass, aluminum, or marine bronze.

Product GG
The GG is a unique connector series for two reasons. First, it boasts the ability to carry the most power in a single package. Second, it is a modular connector with a fixed envelope. GG connector is an extreme power connector capable of up to 200 amps per contact.

Product GMT Fuses
GMT Fuses
Ideal for power distribution to LEDs on connectivity panels, lower amperage network elements, and other traditional equipment, GMT fuses provide fast-acting DC power circuit protection up to 20A.

Product Ground Mount Radio Concealment Shrouds
Ground Mount Radio Concealment Shrouds
Outdoor shrouds designed to house and protect multiple customer-supplied radios. Constructed of .125” welded aluminum, these robust shrouds are suitable for many RRH and cMRO radio deployments and are NEC compliant. Vents are included for thermal management. Several color options are available.

Product HDMI Connectors
HDMI Connectors
Amphenol LTW creates high-quality waterproof HDMI cables for today's high-definition media. Our HDMI family product offering is customizable to fit customer-specific configurations.

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