Mobile Networks

Amphenol is a leading global interconnect solutions provider to the mobile networks market and offers a wide product portfolio, including antennas, connectors and interconnect systems. Our products are used in current and next-generation wireless communications standards, including in 5G networks. We works with service providers around the world to offer an array of antennas and installation-related site solution interconnect products. We provide solutions that span antenna systems, base stations, combiners, filters and amplifiers, core network controllers, distributed antenna systems (DAS), mobile switches, radio links, small cells and wireless routers.

Product TPA Fuses
TPA Fuses
With ratings up to 50A, TPA fuses enable the management of high-density/high-capacity equipment such as routers, DSLAMs, and powered SONET equipment.

Product TRIO solutions for legacy and 5G
TRIO solutions for legacy and 5G
3-sector base station antennas cylindrical structure, able to host the latest generations of panel antennas. Due to their low visual impact, TRIO antennas are ideally suited for rooftop and wherever site acquisition or site upgrade is a challenge

Product Ultra High Density (UHD) Connectors
Ultra High Density (UHD) Connectors
Amphenol LTW UHD (Ultra High Density) technology enables the integration of the highest pin counts in all existing rugged circular connectors for applications space constraints but also high speed and high-reliability transmission such as M8, M12, X-Lok, Ceres, RBL, M23, etc.

Product Ultraport-CooLink
Amphenol's CooLink is an auto-grade high-speed cable for autonomous driving applications. CooLink can meet USCAR2 and LV214 spec, and high temperature up to 85℃, 105℃ and 130℃. CooLink can support PCIe Gen4 and Gen5, and is scalable to PCIe Gen6. We designed CooLink with CPA and a second lock feature to meet auto vibration tests.

Product Ultraport-LP SlimSAS
Ultraport-LP SlimSAS
Amphenol LP SlimSAS is a high-speed cable solution with low mating height, and it's a qualified cable solution by UPI1.0. LP SlimSAS can support PCIe Gen5, and its footprint is compatible with standard SlimSAS. Amphenol developed 38pin, 74pin and 124pin LP SlimSAS with straight, right-angle, and side exit plug types to provide customers a flexible system layout.

Product Ultraport-SlimSAS
Amphenol's SlimSAS is a high-speed and robust cable assembly solution, and supports multiple industry applications such as PCIe, SAS, OpenCAPI, UPI1.0, OCP, NVME, and Ethernet. Amphenol has developed a scoop-proof connector solution with a pull tab. Amphenol develops a 38pin and 74pin solution and has been specified in the SFF group(SFF-8654).

Product USB Type C Connectors
USB Type C Connectors
Amphenol LTW offers a comprehensive range of rugged USB Type-C connectors delivering a high data transmission rate of up to 10 Gbps and superior power charging up to 5A current. Designed in various form factors with multiple termination options make it ideal to fulfill industrial harsh application.

Product UWTA600-6000 - Wideband Terminal Antenna
UWTA600-6000 - Wideband Terminal Antenna
The UWTA600-6000 is ideal for integrating with intelligent devices. Covering 600 MHz for low band 5G, 700-2700 MHz for 4G. Wi-Fi is covered at 2.4 and 5.8 GHz not forgetting CBRS and mid-band 5G up to 6000MHz. IP67 rated including the connector. Ideal for a multitude of Intelligent Devices connecting to a vast array of wireless networks.

Product VHDM-HSD™
VHDM-HSD™ is a shielded, high-density, high-speed press-fit connector system optimized for differential pair architectures. The flexible, modular design of the product allows for the differential performance of our VHDM-HSD™ connector to be combined on the same rear organizer as the VHDM® connector which is a single-ended solution.

Product VITA 66.5 RF/Fiber Hybrid Connectors
VITA 66.5 RF/Fiber Hybrid Connectors
SV Microwave’s VITA product line is the latest addition to the RF / coaxial section of the VPX platform. This newly expanded product line now includes VITA 66.5 RF/Fiber Hybrid connectors. Available in SMPM and SMPS series, this product line has undergone extensive design and testing to make sure that it adheres to the latest SOSA specification.

Product Walk-In Cabinets
Walk-In Cabinets
Walk-In Cabinets are protective walk-in enclosures housing an integrated system of electronic components and equipment that can serve fiber and copper interfaces. Walk-In Cabinets offer a lighter-weight alternative to concrete shelters providing a lower total cost of ownership. They house multiple equipment racks suitable for customer-supplied equipment. Thermal management options are available.

Product Wall / Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinets
Wall / Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinets
Wall / Pole Mount Cabinets are multi-chamber enclosures designed for traditional 19″ or 23″ rackmount equipment. Separate locking chambers offer a division of provider and customer equipment access. At cell sites and other multi-user locations, this division of access allows customers to service their equipment without the need to have the cabinet’s owner’s technician open the cabinet for them.

Product Waterproof RF Adapters (IP68 Rated)
Waterproof RF Adapters (IP68 Rated)
Amphenol SV Microwave offers a wide range of IP67 and IP68 waterproof interconnect products designed to withstand rigorous environments and harsh elements. SV's waterproof adapters include hermetically sealed connectors to 1 x 10-8 cc/sec, making them ideal for high-pressure, vacuum applications, and the prevention of liquid or gas leakage.

Product WaveTrax Fiber Raceway
WaveTrax Fiber Raceway
WaveTrax®, the Amphenol Network Solutions fiber raceway system, is designed to help engineers deliver reliable fiber optic network performance. Reduce your cost of ownership with the full line of WaveTrax products, including troughs, elbows, cross and T sections, off-ramps, and articulating links - easily installed so you are up and running quickly!

Product XCede Plus Backplane Connector
XCede Plus Backplane Connector
DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE 32G DATA RATE REQUIREMENTS XCede Plus leverages the same core technologies as XCede with improved signal integrity performance while maintaining backward mating interface compatibility with existing XCede products.

Product XCede® Backplane Connector
XCede® Backplane Connector
ENABLING FUTURE DATA RATES While maintaining the same mating interfaces, this connector design provides designers with readily available 85Ω and 100Ω solutions to meet a wide variety of application needs, including Ethernet and PCI.

Product XCede® HD
XCede® HD
XCede® HD backplane connector achieves high performance (up to 20 Gb/s) in a Hard Metric form factor. Offering a linear density of up to 84 differential pairs per inch (33 differential pairs per centimeter), the XCede® HD connector meets the requirements of high-density architectures with a 35% increase in density as compared to standard XCede®.

Product XCede® HD2
XCede® HD2
DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE 56G DATA RATE REQUIREMENTS WITH HIGHER DENSITY While maintaining the same mating interfaces with XCede® HD and XCede® HD Plus, this connector provides developers with a readily available robust solution for tighter card pitches and chassis designs where space requirements and density are critical.

Product XCede® HD Plus
XCede® HD Plus
The XCede® HD Plus backplane connector achieves high performance (up to 28+ Gb/s) in a Hard Metric form factor. Offering a linear density of up to 84 differential pairs per inch (33 differential pairs per centimeter), the XCede® HD Plus connector meets the high-density needs of today's challenging architectures.

Product XCede® Power Connectors
XCede® Power Connectors
XCede® connector platform is designed to provide headroom for high-speed, serial data rates demanded by data centers and service provider networks. The use of polymers in a resonance-damping shield enables low crosstalk across a wide frequency range. The XCede® backplane header system provides the ruggedness and long-term reliability required by today's systems.

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