Amphenol is a leading innovator in sensor technologies and measurement solutions. We offer the most diverse sensor portfolio of standard and customized products for the world’s most demanding regulatory and industry-driven applications. Our products and technologies include temperature sensors, moisture meters and sensors, pressure sensors, thermal validation sensors, position sensors, vibration sensors, ultrasonic sensors, level sensors, quality sensors, force sensors, acoustics sensors and magnetostrictive linear position sensors.

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Product Combined Pressure & Temperature Sensors
Combined Pressure & Temperature Sensors
i2s is your contact for the development and production of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, mass air flow sensors, as well as combination sensors for several measurements. Customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle, mechanical engineering, and metrology industries have been relying on our experience and know-how for more than 15 years.

Product Coolant Temperature Sensor
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensors are used to measure media temperatures or body temperatures at various points in the vehicle. These sensors can be either individual sensors or integrated with other components or liquid ducts.

Product Current Sensors
Current Sensors
The measurement of currents in the power train is essential, e.g. for monitoring and controlling the drive power. We offer current sensors in different versions, with one or more current paths and with or without integrated temperature measurement.

Product Current Sensors
Current Sensors
Piher Sensing Systems designs and manufacturers current sensors based on Hall-effect and TMR technology for accurate measurement of currents in automotive battery management and motor control applications. Piher’s 3-phase precision current sensors improve motor or solenoid control applications and grid monitoring.

Product Fluid Level Sensor
Fluid Level Sensor
Level sensors provide digital or analog output for the measurement of a variety of fluids in a vehicle

Product Gas and Moisture Sensors
Gas and Moisture Sensors
For more than 30 years, Telaire has been a leading manufacturer of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Dust, and Humidity Sensors for the commercial HVAC, consumer goods, and automotive industries. Telaire holds more than 30 awarded patents in CO2 sensing, including the original automatic calibration algorithm – ABC Logic®.

Product Gas and Moisture Sensors
Gas and Moisture Sensors
SGX Sensortech has been designing and manufacturing gas and air quality sensors and modules for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of gas sensor detection technology, catalytic, infrared, metal oxide, and electrochemical, along with a sensor portfolio offering flammable and toxic gas solutions for automotive and industrial air quality applications.

Product Hall-Effect Gear Tooth Speed and Direction Sensor
Hall-Effect Gear Tooth Speed and Direction Sensor
Piher Sensing Systems' flange mount gear tooth speed and direction sensors provide precise, reliable speed and direction measurement for demanding environments. The touchless, rugged design ensures long-term reliability. Key features include: "Plug and play" operation, wide operating temperature range, fast and near-zero speed sensing, compact and rugged design and IP67 sealing.

Product HCSO-1W Open Loop Current Sensor
HCSO-1W Open Loop Current Sensor
The HCSO-1W sensor simplifies current measurement (AC/DC) for batteries, chargers & motors. It clamps directly on cables, reducing installation steps & errors. Based on Hall effect tech, it offers accurate readings & various current ranges. Easy to install & calibrate, making it cost-effective for manufacturers.

Product Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor
The humidity sensor measures windscreen, ambient temperature, and humidity to calculate dew point and predict fogging condition on the windscreen to support HVAC systems.

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