Amphenol is a leading supplier of advanced interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a growing array of automotive applications. In addition, we have developed advanced technology solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and are working with leading global customers to proliferate these advanced interconnect products into next-generation automobiles. Our primary solutions for automotive include antennas, electric vehicles, engine management and control, exhaust monitoring and cleaning, hybrid vehicles, infotainment and communications, lighting, power management, safety and security systems, sensing systems, telematics systems and transmission systems.

Product 48V Power Products
48V Power Products
Modules that support 48V electrical topology in vehicles, such as power switches and boost converters.

Product Aggregate Interfaces
Aggregate Interfaces
Electrically powered auxiliary units are increasing rapidly in electrically powered vehicles. While the waste heat from the engine can be used to heat the interior of the combustion engine or the air conditioning compressor can be driven mechanically, the electric vehicle requires electrical auxiliary units.

Product ARC Series™
ARC Series™
Available in 24 and 40 positions Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are a rugged, heavy-duty, environmentally-sealed, rectangular connector series where high pin-counts are required in situations with controlled and/or uncontrolled environmental conditions. Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are currently available as In-Line Plugs and Flange Mount Receptacles.

Product ATHD Series™
ATHD Series™
Our ATHD Series™ Single-Pole, Heavy Duty Power Connectors provide an IP67/69K rated (mated), environmentally sealed connection system and viable solution to field splices and terminals in harsh environments. Safety features include an integral latch to prevent inadvertent disconnect and an audible click, tactile feel provide circuit confirmation

Product AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA Connector Series
AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA Connector Series
The AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA connector series, the latest in automotive interconnect technology, is a space-conscious, high-performance interface central to the next generation of vehicle applications.

Product Automotive Cable Assemblies China / Asia
Automotive Cable Assemblies China / Asia
Customer and application-specific cable assemblies for all electric functions in a vehicle. Harness assemblies including standard connectors and customized interconnect solutions.

Product Automotive Electrical Connectors
Automotive Electrical Connectors
The connector housings for accommodating flat contacts of various sizes are used for the electrical connection between the wiring harness and the various units in the car. There are 1- to 14-pole versions in sealed or unsealed design.

Product Automotive LV Connector China / Asia
Automotive LV Connector China / Asia
Automotive multi pole harness connectors - sealed and unsealed for low voltage applications. 1 pin to 43 pin connector including TPA, CPA, Seal, for all major terminal systems. Flat terminal size range from 0.5 / 0.64 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.8 / 4.8 / 6.3 / 9.5 mm.

Product Bi-Component Molding
Bi-Component Molding
Seals can be assembled or also molded on in 2-component injection molding. 2-component hard-hard combinations are also possible.

Product Board-to-Board RF Connectors
Board-to-Board RF Connectors
Amphenol RF offers a variety of board-to-board solutions engineered to maximize radial and axial float, eliminating the need for cables between the boards and simplifying designs to eliminate assembly errors.

Product Coolant Temperature Sensor
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensors are used to measure media temperatures or body temperatures at various points in the vehicle. These sensors can be either individual sensors or integrated with other components or liquid ducts.

Product Current Sensors
Current Sensors
Piher Sensing Systems designs and manufacturers current sensors based on Hall-effect and TMR technology for accurate measurement of currents in automotive battery management and motor control applications. Piher’s 3-phase precision current sensors improve motor or solenoid control applications and grid monitoring.

Product DC/AC Inverter
DC/AC Inverter
Inverter modules provide in-vehicle power from 400W to greater than 2kW to the consumer; enabling "at home" consumer use of laptops, household appliances, or equipment in vehicle.

Product DC/DC Converter
DC/DC Converter
Modules to provide power management and voltage conversion for 12V, 24V, and 48V vehicle architectures

Product DIN 41612 Headers and Receptacles
DIN 41612 Headers and Receptacles
FCI Basics DIN 41612 connector systems are the most popular backplane interconnect systems in IEC 603-2 specifications due to the widespread standard adoption, easy availability, cost-effectiveness, and durability. The product design for Board-to-Board and I/O solutions involve both standard mount and reverse mount mating combination.

Product DIN 41612 High-Temperature Headers and Receptacles
DIN 41612 High-Temperature Headers and Receptacles
DIN 41612 High Temperature (HT) connectors meet the fire safety standards required in the Industrial (Transportation, Power) market. DIN is most suitable for hazardous and high-risk product platforms of fire safety applications required in the industrial market. The 2.54mm pitch HT connectors comply with the relevant standards like IEC 603-2, NFF 16-101/102, and EN45545-2.

Product ecomate® RSSM
ecomate® RSSM
Available in 8 Shell Sizes / 27 Insert Arrangements. The ecomate® RSSM (Rugged Superior Seal Metal) Series of circular, metal connectors provides an IP69K rating (in mated condition) for industrial applications. With a bayonet coupling system and a maximum current rating range of 7A to 45A/600V, the ecomate® RSSM Series is perfect for indoor/Outdoor applications.

Product Engine & Ancillary Components
Engine & Ancillary Components
Connecting Cable for Engine Cooling - The connectors, including the seal, are automatically over-moulded in production cells with lead frame and liquid silicone LSR. Special process steps create the connection to the lead frame, strain reliefs, and longitudinal water tightness.

Product Exhaust Cleaning Harness
Exhaust Cleaning Harness
Exhaust Gas Sensor - Signals are transmitted between NOx sensors and control electronics using our connection system. Special contact and housing materials are able to resist high exhaust-gas temperatures. By developing our own systems, we achieve low and steady contact resistances, which are needed for the transmission of sensor currents.

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

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