Amphenol is a technology leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a broad range of industrial applications. Our core competencies include application-specific industrial interconnect solutions utilizing integrated assemblies. Our primary end applications for industrial include agriculture equipment, alternative and traditional energy generation, batteries and hybrid drive systems, entertainment, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, internet of things (IoT), LED lighting, marine, medical equipment, oil and gas, power distribution, public safety, rail mass transit, smart manufacturing (IIoT), and transportation.

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Product F-143 Connector
F-143 Connector
Building on the legacy of MIL-PRF-28876, the F-143 incorporates the latest technologies in fiber optic interconnect design. The backshells feature the Quickloc™ captivation system, developed by AFSI, that is easy to install, easy to remove the captivated aramid yarn of the cable, and recapture without cutting back the cable.

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

Product Gas and Moisture Sensors
Gas and Moisture Sensors
SGX Sensortech has been designing and manufacturing gas and air quality sensors and modules for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of gas sensor detection technology, catalytic, infrared, metal oxide, and electrochemical, along with a sensor portfolio offering flammable and toxic gas solutions for automotive and industrial air quality applications.

Product GCA Circular Connector
GCA Circular Connector
GCA circular connector with bayonet and screw locking, plug-compatible and crossable with CA-COM, as per MIL-C-5015 and VG95234, crimp and solder contacts. Standard surfaces for this series are nickel (RoHS compliant). In non-conductive Version or in stainless steel: salt spray test > 1000 hours.

Product GCB-B Connectors - VG95234
GCB-B Connectors - VG95234
Circular connectors in the GCB-B series with reverse bayonet locking according to VG95234. These connectors offer high reliability, are waterproof as well as wear- and vibration-resistant. They are also approved according to VG95234 version B (marine bronze) and VG95234 version J (zinc-tin).

Product GG
The GG is a unique connector series for two reasons. First, it boasts the ability to carry the most power in a single package. Second, it is a modular connector with a fixed envelope. GG connector is an extreme power connector capable of up to 200 amps per contact.

Product GoldRush® Fiber Optic Connectors
GoldRush® Fiber Optic Connectors
The GoldRush® series of fiber optic connectors are innovative interconnect solutions enabling technology for “digital mining.” AFSI’s GoldRush® connectors address specific mining requirements for the future of intelligent mining and are the only Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) certified fiber optic connectors for use in underground mines under Title 30 CFR, Part 18.

Product Guided M8 Connectors
Guided M8 Connectors
Amphenol LTW's waterproof Guided M8 connectors are designed with unique alignment keys saving the risk of damaged contacts and developed with comprehensive product configurations following IEC standard, delivering secure & reliable data/power transmission for industrial harsh applications.

Product HCSP-1BS Open Loop Current Transducer
HCSP-1BS Open Loop Current Transducer
Open-loop current transducer: Hall effect-based, busbar mounted. Simple or dual analog output, Accurately measures currents from ±200 A to ±1.500 A. Non-intrusive with galvanic separation, Operates reliably in temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.

Product HD-BNC Connector Series
HD-BNC Connector Series
The HD-BNC product series features the trusted, push and turn interface of a traditional BNC, providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating.

Product HDE (Class 1 DIv 1 )
HDE (Class 1 DIv 1 )
The HDE series is a HAZLOC EX Class 1, Div 1, and Zone 1 rated connector system for the most extreme hazardous locations. This product line is intermateable with the Pyle National AF/GD connectors. AEx Class I, Div 1 Gr BCD, T5-T6 Ex db IIC, T5-T6 Gb Explosion-Proof UL1203 and CSA C22.2 No. 30-M1986 Flame-Proof UL/ EN/ CSA C22.2 60079-1 Increased Safety UL/ EN/ CSA C2

Product HDMI 2.1 Cables
HDMI 2.1 Cables
Amphenol's HDMI 2.1 supports a range of higher video resolutions and refresh rates including 8K@60 HZ and 4K@120HZ, and resolutions up to 10K. Dynamic HDR formats are also supported, and bandwidth capability is increased up to 48Gbps. Amphenol's HDMI2.1 cable has passed the certification, and the mechanical interface is compatible with HDMI2.0 and HDMI1.4.

Product Hermetic Bulkhead RF Adapters
Hermetic Bulkhead RF Adapters
SV Microwave has extended our selection of rugged RF interconnects with a new line of bulkhead hermetic adapters. These hermetically sealed, panel mount connectors can be used for "inside-of-the-box" applications that must withstand rigorous environments and harsh elements like water, dust, air, or the vacuum of space. Current configurations include SMA, 2.92mm, SMP and SMPM series.

Product Highly Flexible Cables
Highly Flexible Cables
Amphenol LTW provides highly flexible cables for constant moving applications. Ideal for modern automated manufacturing systems. The key features as below: Recommended connectors series: M8, M12, X-LOK, Ceres, USB, RJ45; Bending Standard: TÜV 2 PFG 2577 Class II; Flexing Test: 6 Million Cycles (S≤4mm²); 90° Bending Test: 1 Million Cycles; Cableveyor Test: 5 Million Cycles.

Product HS-Lok Push-Lock Connectors
HS-Lok Push-Lock Connectors
Amphenol LTW's HS-Lok Push-Lock Connectors provide IP68 waterproof protection and are rated to UL-F1 UV resistance, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor wet locations. HS-Lok features audible feedback and guided key design, ensuring error-proof and easy assembly for blind mating.

Product Inductive Arc Position Sensors
Inductive Arc Position Sensors
Built for extreme environments, these magnet-free sensors deliver precise position data in harsh environments. IP67/69K sealed & high-temp tolerant, they handle misalignment & vibration. Arc design simplifies assembly & saves costs. Ideal for absolute rotary/linear motion sensing in automotive & off-highway applications.

Product Inductive high-speed xEV rotor position sensors
Inductive high-speed xEV rotor position sensors
Piher Sensing System's high-accuracy eMotor inductive rotor position sensors (IPS) offer a cost-effective, reliable, and ASIL-D-compliant alternative to resolvers and other sensors for position sensing of high-speed motors. Inductive sensors use the physical principle of induction to detect the position of a solid metallic target, enabling reduced parts and higher design flexibility.

Product Industrial Cable Assembly
Industrial Cable Assembly
Wire harness for industrial application

Product Integrated Electronic Mechanical Device
Integrated Electronic Mechanical Device
Amphenol DC Electronics manufactures Integrated Electronic Mechanical Devices and custom box builds designed to offer optimum protection for your wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Box builds are effective in the number of purposes they can serve, from enclosing controls or electronics and connections to protecting them in a number of potentially hazardous settings.

Product Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions
Amphenol-CTI manufactures value-added solutions for a broad range of industries and applications. We integrate cables and harnesses into more complex solutions. Certifications: UL, CSA, ISO9001, CE, IPC 620, WHMA, C-TPAT, IATF16949 (and others) Capabilities: Customized panels and cabinets / Distribution boxes / Fiber optics / Protos to volume / Electro-mechanical assemblies

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