Amphenol is a technology leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a broad range of industrial applications. Our core competencies include application-specific industrial interconnect solutions utilizing integrated assemblies. Our primary end applications for industrial include agriculture equipment, alternative and traditional energy generation, batteries and hybrid drive systems, entertainment, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, internet of things (IoT), LED lighting, marine, medical equipment, oil and gas, power distribution, public safety, rail mass transit, smart manufacturing (IIoT), and transportation.

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Product ASGTC
ASGTC is an environmental cylindrical reverse bayonet coupling connector with self-locking system, which guarantee a fast locking and unlocking. Designed for Railway and Mass Transit industry. GTC family is a high-performance, rugged sealed connector with waterproof IP67 rated, robust shells for high-temperature resistance and resistant to vibrations & shocks.

Product ASGTC-Q
ASGTC-Quadrax is a special circular bayonet coupling connector for data line transmission in RMT application, It's IP67 protection and with a self-locking system specially designed in order to get heavy duty application, Q-contacts with the protection of copper body and multipoints band in female contact to provide to 360º shielding.

Product ASRC HV
ASRC HV series connectors are high voltage and high current heavy rectangular connectors. Up to 700A per contact and voltages up to 4000V. A wide range of inserts for signal and power transmission. The robust metal housing offers excellent EMC ratings and guarantees IP68/IP69K leakage proof.

Product ASVG
ASVG is an enhanced version of the MS5015 standard connector but remains completely intermateable with the MS5015 reverse bayonet connectors. • In conformity with the French railways standard NFF 61030. • The insulator is in hard thermoplastic, classified UL94V0. • Rated current from 13A to 150A. • Rated voltage from 200V to 900V. • IP67

Product ATHD Series™
ATHD Series™
Our ATHD Series™ Single-Pole, Heavy Duty Power Connectors provide an IP67/69K rated (mated), environmentally sealed connection system and viable solution to field splices and terminals in harsh environments. Safety features include an integral latch to prevent inadvertent disconnect and an audible click, tactile feel provide circuit confirmation

Product AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA Connector Series
AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA Connector Series
The AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA connector series, the latest in automotive interconnect technology, is a space-conscious, high-performance interface central to the next generation of vehicle applications.

Product Barrier Terminal Block
Barrier Terminal Block
In structure, they comprise panel feed-through type, baffle type, and pluggable type, and can connect all kinds of conducting wires whose cross-sections are 0.32mm² to 53.5mm². The spacing between 7.62mm and 11mm can be selected. It can provide covered or uncovered styles. Product design in line with IEC60998, UL1059, CSA C22.2 No.158, and other international standards.

Product Cable Bundles and Lead Assemblies
Cable Bundles and Lead Assemblies
Amphenol-CTI manufactures cable bundles and lead assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications. We can execute on orders of low or high volume requiring high automation or detailed work. Certifications: UL, CSA, ISO9001, CE, IPC620, WHMA, C-PAP, IATF16949 (and others). Capabilities: Low & high volume / Small gauges (30+) / Seals, grommets / Tooled for multiple connectors suppliers

Product CapLock & PlugLock
CapLock & PlugLock
Amphenol SOCAPEX has launched a series of locking accessories for 38999, RJFTV and USBFTV connectors and caps. These locking accessories for connectors that help strengthen cybersecurity. The series includes CapLock, PlugLock and Metal CapLock. These locks prevent manual unlocking of receptacles thereby ensuring additional security.

Product CCS1 EVSE Cable Assy
CCS1 EVSE Cable Assy
CCS1 EVSE cable assembly for Charging Electrical Vehicles. MADE IN USA 200A, 125A, and 65A assemblies options UL2251 with UL62 cable rated with outstanding flexibility performance.

Product Ceres Connectors (Circular Connectors)
Ceres Connectors (Circular Connectors)
Amphenol LTW Circular Waterproof Connectors are available as a receptacle, receptacle connector with cable, and over-molded with cable. The field installable options are available in multiple sizes mini, standard, middle, and large. The Circular Waterproof Connectors offer ≤10mΩ contact resistance, ≤100MΩ at DC500V insulation resistance, and at least 1,000 mating cycles.

Product CMB
This series, a commercial MIL-DTL-26482, Series 1 solder contact, general duty or ruggedized harsh environment, metal bayonet coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 60 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 61 contacts per connector and up to 23 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Amphenol RF attenuators are designed to offer flat attenuation over the designated frequency range and feature a microwave grade resistor that consistently reduces power. Hex flats on the body allow this attenuator to be easily torqued to the mating connector.

Product Coaxial Inserts
Coaxial Inserts
Size 8 coaxial inserts for DIN and D-Sub applications. Available for common flexible coaxial cables.

Product Coaxial Terminators and Loads
Coaxial Terminators and Loads
Amphenol RF terminators are available in many common series and genders including; 1.0/2.3, APC-3.5, APC-5.5, BNC, F-type, HD-BNC, N-Type, QMA, and SMA. Amphenol RF terminators reliably prevent RF signals from being reflected along the transmission line to reduce interference.

Product Compact PCI Serial 3U 6-Slot Backplane
Compact PCI Serial 3U 6-Slot Backplane
Amphenol-BSI’s range of PICMG compliant backplanes includes CompactPCI Serial which modernizes CompactPCI to include high-speed serial Ethernet, PCIe, SATA and USBinterconnects. These high-speed serial interconnects are capable of data rates up to 12Gb/s.

Product Complex Harnesses
Complex Harnesses
Amphenol CTI manufactures wire harnesses and cable assembly solutions of any complexity for a broad range of industries and applications. Certifications: UL, CSA, ISO9001, CE, IPC620, WHMA, C-TPAT, IATF16949. Capabilities: Complex circuits counts / 70+ ft long / Harsh environment / Complex branching & bundling / Splices / Braiding. Tooled for many major interconnect suppliers

Product μCom USB3.0
μCom USB3.0
Miniature multi-pin USB3.0 connectors for harsh environments.

Product CONEC D-SUB Filter connectors
CONEC D-SUB Filter connectors
Conec filtered connectors are available in the D’sub family: sizes 9 thru 50 in the standard density, and 15 thru 62 positions for the High Density types. In addition, the power versions of 2W2, 3W3, 5W5, and 8W8 are available with much higher capacitor values.

Product CONEC IP67 D-SUB SlimCon
The most important reasons: • 1:1 conversion from IP20 to IP67 interfaces possible • Saving of installation space • Robust one-piece zinc die-cast housing • different series available (ST, HD, Combination)

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