Amphenol is a technology leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a broad range of industrial applications. Our core competencies include application-specific industrial interconnect solutions utilizing integrated assemblies. Our primary end applications for industrial include agriculture equipment, alternative and traditional energy generation, batteries and hybrid drive systems, entertainment, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, internet of things (IoT), LED lighting, marine, medical equipment, oil and gas, power distribution, public safety, rail mass transit, smart manufacturing (IIoT), and transportation.

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Product DIN Power
DIN Power
FCI Basics DIN Power connector offers contacts with medium power of 5.5A and high power of 15A range. This series includes connectors for board-mount or rack applications and is available in vertical receptacle and right-angle header mating combination. A mix of both medium and high power is also available.

Product Distributed Power & Control / Factory Automation Cables
Distributed Power & Control / Factory Automation Cables
Distributed power and control, factory automation cable assemblies, and connectors for use in most robotic and material handling systems, such as conveyors, sorting, automated storage and retrieval, packaging, overhead transport, palletizing, and any other options imaginable.

Product Distribution Box
Distribution Box
Amphenol LTW's distributor boxes are designed in multiple ports with different connector or cable terminations. The embedded LED indicators provide you an overview data, signal or power delivery, especially in industrial automation applications.

Product DPBP 70/3333-TETRA-N - Duplex Bandpass Filter
DPBP 70/3333-TETRA-N - Duplex Bandpass Filter
The DPBP 70/3333-TETRA-N is a Duplex Bandpass Filter for the European Public Safety/mission-critical network called Tetra, but it can also highly be used for the P25 networks or LMR/PMR UHF450 (380-470 MHz) radio networks. It is specked to 200 W CW and benefits among others for having a very high TX/RX Isolation and a very low Insertion Loss due to a unique silver plating in the filter house.

Product D-Sub Connectors
D-Sub Connectors
Amphenol India M2000 series D sub connectors are MIL qualified & listed in QPL, Product meets the requirement of MIL-DTL-24308, M2000 series D sub subminiature Rack & Panel type connectors with a polarized shell having pin & socket machined contacts which provide high reliability & Density for the connectors.

Product D-Sub Press-Fit Connectors
D-Sub Press-Fit Connectors
FCI Basics D-Sub Press-fit Connectors are available in single-shell Delta-D, high density, and mixed power designs, saving the cost of an additional wave soldering. The "Eye of the Needle" termination technique combined with a unique flat-rock design supports easy application by pressure on the insulator. Insertion kits are available for the process.

Product ecomate® RSSM
ecomate® RSSM
Available in 8 Shell Sizes / 27 Insert Arrangements. The ecomate® RSSM (Rugged Superior Seal Metal) Series of circular, metal connectors provides an IP69K rating (in mated condition) for industrial applications. With a bayonet coupling system and a maximum current rating range of 7A to 45A/600V, the ecomate® RSSM Series is perfect for indoor/Outdoor applications.

Product ECTA 133 Series
ECTA 133 Series
The ECTA 133 metal connector with a push-pull locking system is used wherever it is necessary to insert it safely and blindly. It is particularly suitable for indoor use, in industry, in railways, in apparatus and vehicle construction and diagnostics. Increased mating cycles, pressure-tight sockets, fiber optic contacts are available in many polar patterns.

Product Electrically Conductive Seals
Electrically Conductive Seals
Electrically conductive seals for frequency ranges from 15 kHz to 4 GHz: Seals for square flange sockets for installation type: Front wall and back wall, seals for sockets with single hole mounts, seals for protective caps, seals for D-SUB connectors.

Product Electrical Plates
Electrical Plates
Electrical plates for busses, electrobusses, trolleybusses, railway vehicles, including fuses, circuit breakers, relays, and ECUs connected by wire harnesses.

Product ePower
This series, utilizing RADSOK® socket contact, HVIL contact, and EMI shielding technologies in a ruggedized harsh environment, metal rectangular, push/pull coupling, high power connector. With two or three contacts per connector and up to 700 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C.

Product Fiber Optic Subrack, 19", 3U
Fiber Optic Subrack, 19", 3U
The subrack is suitable for accommodating up to 12x7TE or 16x5TE modules. Due to the modular design, the system is well scalable, and mixed configurations, as well as extensions, can be easily realized. Rear-mountable trunk head holders provide space for the safe and quick installation of incoming cables.

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

Product GCA Circular Connector
GCA Circular Connector
GCA circular connector with bayonet and screw locking, plug-compatible and crossable with CA-COM, as per MIL-C-5015 and VG95234, crimp and solder contacts. Standard surfaces for this series are nickel (RoHS compliant). In non-conductive Version or in stainless steel: salt spray test > 1000 hours.

Product GCB-M Modular Reverse Bayonet
GCB-M Modular Reverse Bayonet
Reverse Bayonet modular connector GCB-M, as per VG95234, housing size 32, to take up to 4 modules as per EN4165 for contacts: AWG 23- AWG8, FO contacts (MTP, MPO), RJ45, coax, quadrax contacts.. More than 230,000 various pole arrangements are possible. These connectors are also available in Marinebronze and Zinc-Tin versions.

Product GG
The GG is a unique connector series for two reasons. First, it boasts the ability to carry the most power in a single package. Second, it is a modular connector with a fixed envelope. GG connector is an extreme power connector capable of up to 200 amps per contact.

Product GT
This series meets the applicable requirements of SAE AS95234 and VG95234 with optional RADSOK® socket contact technology in a ruggedized harsh environment, metal reverse bayonet coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 280 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 85 contacts per connector and up to 250 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -50°C to +200°C.

Product GT Quadrax
GT Quadrax
This series, featuring high-speed contacts, ruggedized harsh environment protection, metal reverse bayonet coupling, signal connector. With four Quadrax contacts per connector and bandwidth up to 1.25 GHz, a data rate exceeding 2.5 Gbps with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product Guided M8 Connectors
Guided M8 Connectors
Amphenol LTW's waterproof Guided M8 connectors are designed with unique alignment keys saving the risk of damaged contacts and developed with comprehensive product configurations following IEC standard, delivering secure & reliable data/power transmission for industrial harsh applications.

Product HD-BNC Connector Series
HD-BNC Connector Series
The HD-BNC product series features the trusted, push and turn interface of a traditional BNC, providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating.

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