Amphenol is a technology leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a broad range of industrial applications. Our core competencies include application-specific industrial interconnect solutions utilizing integrated assemblies. Our primary end applications for industrial include agriculture equipment, alternative and traditional energy generation, batteries and hybrid drive systems, entertainment, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, internet of things (IoT), LED lighting, marine, medical equipment, oil and gas, power distribution, public safety, rail mass transit, smart manufacturing (IIoT), and transportation.

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Product AMHTC Series Connectors
AMHTC Series Connectors
Amphenol “AMHTC” high tension connector series for railway vehicle installable power distribution systems, offers the ultimate in safety and reliability under the most severe operating conditions. The AMHTC series connectors allow the user to connect electrical equipment quickly with ultimate safety.

Product Amphe-309 Pin and Sleeve
Amphe-309 Pin and Sleeve
Pin & Sleeve IEC 60309 UL listed. The Amphe-309 consists of both IP44 (splash-proof) and IP67 (Water Proof) devices from 16 A up to 125 A, from a simple plug to customer-specified combination units. The series range covers all clock positions in use for low profile, watertight, and Heavy Duty solutions. EC 603 09-1 & 2, EN 60 309-1 & 2, BS 4343-2 1992, and UL 1682 & 1686.

Product Amphe-Ex
Miniature, explosion-proof connector specifically designed to allow a signal to pass through Zone rated areas using copper contacts, coax, or fiber optics. The new Amphe-EX™ is complimentary to Amphenol’s industry-proven Star-Line EX™ enabling it to work with smaller wires.

Product Amphe-GTR
This series, utilizing RADSOK® technology socket contacts, is an IP67 rated, thermoplastic, reverse bayonet coupling, high power connector. With four or five contacts per connector and up to 120 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C.

Product Amphe-HST
This family of heat shrink tubing with options that are chemical and solvent resistant, irradiated or cross-linked materials, unlined, and adhesive lined. With 2:1 to 6:1 shrink ratios and a wide temperature range.

Product Amphe-Lite
This series, a commercial 38999 Series III type, ruggedized harsh environment, composite, tri-start ACME threaded coupling, signal connector. With over 60 insert arrangements ranging from 2 to 128 contacts per connector and up to 33 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product Amphe-PD™
This series, utilizing RADSOK® socket contact technology, is a general duty, touch-proof, thermoplastic rectangular with integrated latch push-pull coupling high power connector. Two poles per connector and up to 120 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product Amphe-Phase
Amphe-Phase is a High Current Single pin connector with a smart design to keep performance and safety as a top priority keeping the solution price competitive. Finger Proof Protection against electric shock (IP2X) on both sides of Source and Drain and have a bayonet mechanical locking system requiring a key to unlock for additional safety.

Product Amphe-Power
This series, based on SAE AS50151 and AS95234 utilizing RADSOK® socket contact technology, is ruggedized for harsh environments, high power connectors with metal threaded, reverse bayonet, or push/pull coupling. With over 90 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 59 contacts per connector and up to 1000 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product Amphe-PPM
This series, is a rapid-mating, general duty, or ruggedized harsh environment, metal push/pull coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 20 insert arrangements ranging from 2 to 12 contacts per connector and up to 23 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +100°C.

Product Amphe-PRB
This series, utilizing RADSOK® socket contact technology, is an IP67 rated, thermoplastic reverse bayonet coupling, high power connector. With over six insert arrangements ranging from 3 to 5 contacts per connector and up to 70 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +100°C.

Product APC 8010
APC 8010
The APC 8010 is the perfect machine for every fiber optic production. High reproducibility with all connector geometries ensures high productivity during production. This is made possible by a permanent pressure control, which is adjusted to the connector type and quantity.

Product Apollo
The Apollo Series is perfect for medical devices and many other applications. With the latching capability, this connector allows for a large number of cycles. This series allows several color-coding options, a special keying option, high resistance to chemicals, shock, and sterilization processes. This connector is customizable and designed for use in medical, and many other applications.

Product Aptera™
The Aptera™ connector meets difficult electronic packaging challenges with a high-speed interconnect designed specifically for space-constrained areas without impeding airflow. Aptera's™ pin assignments are not predetermined, providing more flexibility when it comes to PCB routing design. It features low crosstalk that supports 6.25Gb/s data rates.

Product Aquacon Connectors
Aquacon Connectors
Designed to provide maximum service in oceanic or fluid immersion applications. A specially designed aluminum bronze coupling nut and type 316 stainless steel shells resist corrosion and provide a pressure withstanding connector. Positive threaded coupling. “O” rings, and a color band visual indicator assures sealing and proper mating. A rear accessory thread provides for the use of EMI hardware.

Product ARC Series™
ARC Series™
Available in 24 and 40 positions Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are a rugged, heavy-duty, environmentally-sealed, rectangular connector series where high pin-counts are required in situations with controlled and/or uncontrolled environmental conditions. Amphenol Sine Systems ARC Series™ Connectors are currently available as In-Line Plugs and Flange Mount Receptacles.

Product Armor IPX™
Armor IPX™
Available in 2 Sizes (Standard and Large). Amphenol Sine Systems' Armor IPX™ Family of Sealed Enclosures provides superior protection for printed circuit boards and electronic control modules in harsh environments and off-road applications. Available in two (2) sizes, as well as three (3) different material types: Clear Thermoplastic, Black Thermoplastic, or Ultem® (Transparent Amber).

Product ASGP
ASGP is a power connector specially designed for rail vehicles receiving maintenance in the garage repair station when high circuit power is cut off. This IP67 rated connector has 4pcs of 18mm Radsok for power and 6pcs of 3.6mm spring wire sockets for signal. ASGP offers a wide range of current up to 500A and its rated voltage is 500V.

Product ASGTC
ASGTC is an environmental cylindrical reverse bayonet coupling connector with self-locking system, which guarantee a fast locking and unlocking. Designed for Railway and Mass Transit industry. GTC family is a high-performance, rugged sealed connector with waterproof IP67 rated, robust shells for high-temperature resistance and resistant to vibrations & shocks.

Product ASGTC-Q
ASGTC-Quadrax is a special circular bayonet coupling connector for data line transmission in RMT application, It's IP67 protection and with a self-locking system specially designed in order to get heavy duty application, Q-contacts with the protection of copper body and multipoints band in female contact to provide to 360º shielding.

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