Amphenol is a technology leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance interconnect systems, sensors and antennas for a broad range of industrial applications. Our core competencies include application-specific industrial interconnect solutions utilizing integrated assemblies. Our primary end applications for industrial include agriculture equipment, alternative and traditional energy generation, batteries and hybrid drive systems, entertainment, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, internet of things (IoT), LED lighting, marine, medical equipment, oil and gas, power distribution, public safety, rail mass transit, smart manufacturing (IIoT), and transportation.

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Product SPM2
The SPM2 polishing machine is designed for standard-compliant polishing and reworking of single connectors. The robust and durable design is suitable for both field and laboratory use. It is characterized by simple operation and flexible application possibilities by mains and battery operation and is suitable for all standard connectors (special designs can be realized on customer's request).

Product Spring Battery
Spring Battery
Spring battery connectors are very popular in hand-held devices applications. Amphenol's flexible, custom designs and production capabilities allow various pitch sizes, pin configurations, soldering requirements and different stack heights in spring battery connectors. It offers a current rating of 2A/pin. The durability of 5000 mating cycles adds to the mechanical performance of these connectors.

Product Spring Clamp Plugs for Pluggable System
Spring Clamp Plugs for Pluggable System
This series of lock-free screw plugs has the characteristics of anti-vibration, reliable clamping, easy wiring operation, can be quickly connected to the wire.

Product Spring Clamp System
Spring Clamp System
This series has two connection methods: spring-cage connection and push-in spring connection. They have the features of anti-vibration, simple wiring operation, and compact construction. Product design in line with IEC/EN60998, IEC/EN60947-7-4, UL1059, CSA C2.22 No.158, and other international standards.

Product SSL Solution Connectors (Smart Solution in Lighting)
SSL Solution Connectors (Smart Solution in Lighting)
Amphenol LTW's SSL (Smart Solution in Lighting) series is a waterproof and non-waterproof connector series developed for LED lighting and non-lighting applications. Its low profile design aims at minimizing and eliminating the field wiring and reducing labor time as well as facilitating any maintenance job.

Product SSMC Connectors
SSMC Connectors
SSMC connectors are ideal for limited-space applications that require the security of a threaded coupling mechanism. They are best used with semi-rigid cables or miniature flexible cables in demanding applications up to 12.4 GHz.

Product Standard Density D-Sub
Standard Density D-Sub
Positronic offers a variety of standard and high-density D-subs, as well as accessories and ComboD-sub connectors. Highly reliable with precision-machined contacts, our connectors meet various industrial and military performance levels for applications from basic power supplies to advanced weapon systems and flight. Explore our design features including package size, contact, and mating variants.

Product Starline - Starline Ex
Starline - Starline Ex
The Star-Line EX® series is certified for use in a Zone 1/2/21/22 hazardous environment. Classified facilities such as petrochemical refineries and land/offshore drilling systems are but a few of the applications for this broad product series. The Star-Line EX® is certified to the latest IECEx, ATEX, UL FM, EN 60079 standards, as well as the current EAC/GOST standards. Ex db/eb/tb/op-is/op-pr

Product Startop
Startop product range offers the most comprehensive range of ruggedized optical connectors based on MIL DTL 38 999 Series and its derivatives. Startop offers the intermateability with other MIL 29504.

Product Stingray
Stingray 7 series offers compact, low profile, metal shelled connectors that withstand exposure to moisture, dust, dirt, and chemicals typically encountered by First Responders, Security, and Military personnel. The magnetic, non-keyed coupling system has no moving parts and allows the connector to be easily mated without the need for pre-alignment.

Product Strain Relief Boots
Strain Relief Boots
Our Strain Relief Boots provide protection and reinforcement for rugged applications.

Product Structure Plus™ Family
Structure Plus™ Family
Amphenol Sine Systems’ StructurePlus™ Family of overmold-compatible connectors are engineered, one-piece, solid body connectors that are specifically designed for cable assembly operations requiring custom molding or shrink tube requirements. The added connector structure results in enhanced connection integrity that is an essential component for connecting cable in harsh environments.

Product Submariner
The Submariner 5500-Series are underwater electrical connectors extremely rugged and reliable. This Dry-mate solution is available in 3 different shell sizes and a variety of configurations with wire gauges ranging from 10-16 AWG. Depth: > 6,000 meters (600 bar) Operating Temperature: -5˚C to 65˚C Max Operating Voltage: 600V Machine-molded Neoprene insulation material Made from 316 SS

Product SuperFlex Ø.047" RF Cable Assemblies
SuperFlex Ø.047" RF Cable Assemblies
SV Microwave offers fixed-length RF cable assemblies using its extremely pliable SuperFlex Ø.047" cable. SV's SuperFlex product line includes right angle and straight SMP and SMPM connectors for unmatched routing in tight spaces. This super flexible coax cable is capable of extreme bends, which allow it to fit in tight spaces and route for any application. Available in series: SMP, SMPM and SMA.

Product SuperFlex RF Cable Assemblies
SuperFlex RF Cable Assemblies
Amphenol SV Microwave now offers fixed-length RF cable assemblies using its most flexible Ø.047" cable yet! This super flexible coax cable is capable of extreme bends which allow it to fit in tight spaces and route for any application. Cable assembly configurations are currently available using SMA and/or SMPM connector series at 6” and 12” lengths. Custom variations are available as well.

Product SurLok Plus™
SurLok Plus™
This series, a field installable compression lug utilizing RADSOK® socket contact technology, ruggedized harsh environment, thermoplastic housing, metal lug, press-fit high power connector. With a single pole arrangement ranging from 3.6mm to 14mm and up to 500 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +105°C.

Product Switchgears
Switchgears (high voltage and low voltage) including fuses, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, and ECUs connected by wire harnesses. The following types of cables are used in the production of switchboards - H&S Radox or Nexans.

Amphenol introduces the TACBeam Series into the harsh environment product portfolio. This legacy hermaphroditic fiber optic lens connector, facilitates the inter-connection of multiple identical fiber optic cable assemblies known as daisy chaining, thus eliminating the need for polarising the assemblies and the use of in-line adapters.

Product TACBeam® – MIL-DTL-83526
TACBeam® – MIL-DTL-83526
AFSI offers a MIL-DTL-83526/20 & /21 qualified expanded beam rugged fiber optic connector for military and industrial applications. Since the lenses do not physically contact, there is no wear on the termini, which allows the connector to be mated and demated thousands of times without affecting optical performance.

Product Temperature Sensors
Temperature Sensors
With more than 70 years of experience in the development, design, and manufacture of high-quality sensors, Thermometrics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of temperature measurement and sensor products in the world today – NTC Thermistors, PTC Thermistors, Infrared (IR) Sensors, Current Limiters, Temperature Standards, and Temperature Sensor Assemblies.

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