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With our industry-leading high-speed, power and fiber optic technologies, together with superior simulation and testing capability and cost-effectiveness, Amphenol is a market leader in interconnect development for the information technology (IT) and datacom market. Whether industry standard or application-specific designs are required, we can provide customers with products that enable performance at the leading edge of next-generation, high-speed, power and fiber optic technologies. Our primary end applications include cloud computing and data centers, gaming systems, internet appliances, networking equipment, servers, storage systems, transmission and web service providers.

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Product C2X Fiber Distribution Panel
C2X Fiber Distribution Panel
The C2X chassis' supports multiple patch, patch/splice, and pre-terminated fiber configurations available in either bulkhead or cassette solutions. C2X tray-based option accepts C2 AOMs (Advanced Optical Modules) for patch, patch/splice, as well as splitters, MPO breakouts, and WDMs. C2X is available in 1, 2, 3, or 4RU and supports vast fiber counts.

Product CFP 100G Transceivers
CFP 100G Transceivers
Amphenol 100G CFP/CFP2/CFP4 series optical transceivers support from 10km to 40km reach, adopt LC interface, compatible with IEEE802.3ba, MSA, and other standards. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, dual rate, and high speed. It is widely applied in large data centers, telecom, and other environments.

Product CFP2
Amphenol's CFP2 series offers a 104 position, 0.6mm pitch connector designed to be compatible with 100Gb/s Form Factor Pluggable (CFP) Multi-Source Agreement for Ethernet and other applications. Rated for 25Gb/s per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity, CFP2 has up to 60% lower power consumption versus CFP.

Product CFP4
Amphenol's CFP4 series offers a 56 position, 0.6mm pitch connector, and is used in multi-hundred Gb/s systems. Rated for 25Gb/s per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity, CFP4 has up to 60% lower power consumption versus CFP. The CFP4 series includes a plug connector on the mating interface to improve accuracy and aid in delivering high-speed performance.

Product CFP8
Amphenol's CFP8 interconnect system has 124 contacts per port, with a 0.5mm contact pitch and 16 high-speed channels. It is rated for 28Gb/s per channel with resonance dampening for improved signal integrity. It is comprised of insert molding assemblies for top side contacts and Press-Fit cage assemblies.

Product Chameleon®
With performance speeds up to 25 Gbps+, Chameleon meets the demand for faster, smaller, and more compact connector solutions. With stack heights from 6mm to 10mm in 1mm increments, pin counts from 40 to 500+, and pair counts from 16 to 160, Chameleon provides you with a ready platform to easily change and adapt to your design requirement.

Product cLGA®
The Amphenol ICC cLGA® land grid array socket system was designed to bring conventional connector material construction to high-performance, low-cost chip-to-board applications. cLGA® sockets are used in applications ranging from handheld computer products to supercomputer systems. The cLGA® socket is fully qualified under Telcordia GR-1217-CORE specifications.

Product Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Amphenol RF attenuators are designed to offer flat attenuation over the designated frequency range and feature a microwave grade resistor that consistently reduces power. Hex flats on the body allow this attenuator to be easily torqued to the mating connector.

Product Coaxial Inserts
Coaxial Inserts
Size 8 coaxial inserts for DIN and D-Sub applications. Available for common flexible coaxial cables.

Product Combo-D
Positronic Combo-D connectors are a combination of signal and power and are part of the D-sub family. Combo-D connectors are used in military, communications, space, industrial, and medical applications. These connectors are available in various performance levels for the best cost/performance ratio.

Product Conan® 1.00mm Connector
Conan® 1.00mm Connector
Amphenol ICC's Conan® 1.00mm is a mezzanine connector designed for industrial applications and harsh environments. Conan® 1.00mm provides a mechanically secure, high-density electrical interface between parallel printed circuit boards. Its unique design with an audible 'click' sound enhances the security and ease of use. It has good mating performance, rugged design, and is under 70 positions.

Product Cool Edge 0.80mm Hybrid Power & Signal Connectors
Cool Edge 0.80mm Hybrid Power & Signal Connectors
Cool Edge Hybrid Power and Signal connectors provide a one-piece high speed and high power card-edge package. These versatile solutions address multiple standards like PCIe, SAS, SATA, and offer multiple BTB configurations such as mezzanine, coplanar, and midplane/backplane. Moreover, the connectors are designed as Open Pin Field and are hot-plug capable.

Product Cool Edge 1.00mm PCIe Connectors
Cool Edge 1.00mm PCIe Connectors
Cool Edge PCIe® connectors bring high-speed PCIe® support into a one-piece card edge package with 16GT/s Gen 4 and 32GT/s Gen 5 capabilities. Slim connector design saves space on the motherboard while facilitating other higher-density applications. These connectors come with a simple housing design with an overall reduced footprint, providing additional benefits over standard PCIe® CEM solutions.

Product Cool Stack 0.80mm Hybrid Power & Signal Connectors
Cool Stack 0.80mm Hybrid Power & Signal Connectors
Cool Stack Hybrid Power and Signal connectors provide one-piece high speed and high power solutions while addressing multiple networking standards like PCIe, and SAS/SATA. It offers a maximum current rating of 16A per power pin, which aids in supporting applications with medium power requirements.

Product cStack™
The Amphenol ICC cStack™ high-speed solder-less interconnect solution provides limitless flexibility for board-to-board mezzanine applications and board-to-board stackable and coplanar applications when terminated to a flex circuit.

Product cStack™ Flex Cables
cStack™ Flex Cables
Amphenol's cStack™ flexible circuit assemblies are designed for applications where flexibility, space, weight, and performance are critical. They are available in standard and custom flex circuit and connector designs. cStack™ Flex is a compression-based interconnect utilizing Amphenol's cStack™ interposer terminated to a multi-layer impedance-controlled flexible circuit in a compact footprint.

Product CXP
CXP connector comes in a one-piece Press-Fit assembly that provides one-step placement to the board to accommodate single, ganged, or stacked connector configurations in high-density requirements. CXP system has twelve channels for up to 20 Gbps, resulting in 240 Gbps of total bandwidth. This allows our CXP to go beyond the 100 Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3ba & the InfiniBand CXP12x QDR standards.

Product CXP2 Active Optical Cable
CXP2 Active Optical Cable
HIGH DENSITY, EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY Amphenol's 300G CXP2 to CXP2 Active Optical Cable is a natural choice for optical cabling in data center/high-performance computing hardware applications, providing a cost-effective plug-and-play cabling solution. The CXP2 form factor delivers the highest hardware faceplate port density among existing SFF industry standards.

Product DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory Module Sockets
DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory Module Sockets
HIGH-SPEED HIGH-DENSITY SO-DIMM SOCKETS DDR4 SO-DIMM connectors deliver high-speed and bandwidth. Being half the size of regular DIMMs, they lower power consumption and promote better thermal management. Different key positions aid alignment and prevent mismating. 260 position SO-DIMM connectors are available in 4.00mm, 5.20mm, 8.00mm, 9.20mm height, in standard or reverse options.

Product DDR4 Ultra Low Profile Memory Module Sockets
DDR4 Ultra Low Profile Memory Module Sockets
DDR4 Ultra Low Profile (ULP) vertical DIMM sockets provide 288 contacts on 0.85mm pitch. It facilitates convenient memory expansion in servers, workstations, desktop PCs, and embedded applications in communications and industrial equipment. With an ultra-low module seating height of 1.1mm and connector height of 13.1mm, it reduces the overall profile of the connector.

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