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Amphenol designs and manufactures an extensive range of interconnect products, antennas and electromechanical components found in a wide array of mobile computing devices. Amphenol’s capability for high-volume production of these technically demanding, miniaturized products, combined with our speed of new product introduction, are critical drivers of our long-term success in this market. Our solutions address consumer electronics, e-readers, laptops, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, mobile computing devices, smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and wearable and hearable devices.

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Product 4.3-10 Connector Series
4.3-10 Connector Series
Amphenol RF offers a full range of 4.3-10 connectors and adapters, which are engineered for the wireless market and are ideal for applications requiring low passive intermodulation, or PIM.

Product Acrylic Sheet Lens
Acrylic Sheet Lens
Amphenol has in-house capabilities to create application-specific mobile phone acrylic sheet lenses to fit our customer's precise needs. The sheet lenses are available as plastic or glass. Amphenol has over 10 years of acrylic sheet lens experience. Our lens capacity is over 12 million per month.

Product Audio Jacks
Audio Jacks
Amphenol's Audio Jacks are widely used in mobile phone applications. These connectors are available in different configurations, e.g. compressed type or for SMT solderable versions, and fully customized to the application requirements.

Product Board-to-Board Connectors - B401/B402 Series (0.80mm pitch)
Board-to-Board Connectors - B401/B402 Series (0.80mm pitch)
HIGH DENSITY VERTICAL BOARD-TO-BOARD CONNECTORS Amphenol's B401/B402 series is 0.80mm pitch board-to-board connectors designed for high-density applications. They support stack heights up to 10mm and 100 positions. These connectors feature surface mount terminations and are available in a comprehensive range to satisfy different customer requirements.

Product BTFW Floating Board To Board
BTFW Floating Board To Board
The BTFW Series is a floating board-to-board connector system consisting of plugs and receptacles with two rows of staggered contacts on 1.00mm (0.039in.) centerlines. This connector system is designed for applications that require high density, and high reliability interconnects with higher pin counts and surface mount termination, such as audio-video (AV) and navigation systems in automobiles.

Product Cable Assemblies
Cable Assemblies
Amphenol's cable assemblies are widespread in the market for wearable products. These cable assemblies are used for data transfer and power charging. Amphenol's Charger Cable Solutions provide highly flexible customized connection solutions from standard USB 2.0/3.0 to the device side with Pogo pins or Spring. The connection mechanisms include magnetic, buckling, clamping, cradle, etc.

Product Clincher™ Flex Connectors
Clincher™ Flex Connectors
FCI Basics the Clincher™ 2.54mm pitch connector family includes single-row pin-and-receptacle connectors designed for termination to flat flexible circuitry. All receptacle connectors use the same customer-preferred and patented Clincher™ contact and are ideal for applications where shock or vibration are concerns.

Product Coaxial Inserts
Coaxial Inserts
Size 8 coaxial inserts for DIN and D-Sub applications. Available for common flexible coaxial cables.

Product Contact Pads
Contact Pads
Amphenol's contact pads are used in contact areas and as spacers on PCBs. Durable plating includes a diffusion barrier. The contact pads connect with low resistance over the product's lifetime for use in sensitive connections of antennas, microphones, and carbon PCBs. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Thickness: scalable ≥ 0.1 mm.

Product DDR2 SO-DIMM Memory Module Sockets
DDR2 SO-DIMM Memory Module Sockets
DDR2 SO-DIMM sockets are designed to accept modules that conform to JEDEC MO-224. The sockets come with a small form factor which allows fitting into smaller chassis, aiding the development of smaller & lighter notebooks. It comes in two voltage options with different key-ID to prevent incorrect mating. It operates at a higher speed & bandwidth lowers power consumption.

Product DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory Module Sockets
DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory Module Sockets
HIGH-SPEED HIGH-DENSITY SO-DIMM SOCKETS DDR4 SO-DIMM connectors deliver high-speed and bandwidth. Being half the size of regular DIMMs, they lower power consumption and promote better thermal management. Different key positions aid alignment and prevent mismating. 260 position SO-DIMM connectors are available in 4.00mm, 5.20mm, 8.00mm, 9.20mm height, in standard or reverse options.

Product Distribution Network Antennas
Distribution Network Antennas
Amphenol’s series of miniature data cards and USB dongle antennas for 3G, 3.5G, and 4G LTE applications provide the performance to power high-speed mobile internet connectivity. With volumes less than 1.5cc and a customizable geometry, these multiband antennas are easily integrated into miniature data cards.

Product Double Lapping
Double Lapping
Amphenol's double-sided lapping process provides the best solution for mobile device metal decorative logos. We can control part flatness tolerance within +/- 0.03mm and maintain a 1000N+ Laser weld bond between metal components. Our high-quality logos reflect a high brand value to customer end products.

Product FFC/FPC Connectors (0.50mm pitch)
FFC/FPC Connectors (0.50mm pitch)
0.50mm pitch flex connectors utilize 0.50mm contact spacing to terminate mobile devices across a variety of applications. These connectors are offered with top, bottom, dual beams & dual contact positions with both ZIF and Non-ZIF cable terminations. The connector series comes with a wide height range of 0.70mm to 5.80mm with 4 to 80 contact positions in both vertical and right angle orientations.

Product FFC/FPC Connectors (1.00mm pitch)
FFC/FPC Connectors (1.00mm pitch)
1.00mm pitch flex connectors utilize 1.00mm contact spacing to terminate displays and support complex board-to-board connections. These connectors are offered with top and bottom contact positions in both ZIF and Non-ZIF cable terminations. The connector series comes with a wide height range of 1.90mm to 5.04mm with 3 to 34 contact positions in both vertical and right angle orientations.

Product FFC/FPC Connectors with Autolock Mechanism - F308/F332 Series (0.50mm pitch)
FFC/FPC Connectors with Autolock Mechanism - F308/F332 Series (0.50mm pitch)
F308/F332 series is a 0.50mm pitch right angle Non-ZIF flex connector with an auto-lock mechanism and surface mount termination. It features a height of 2.45mm and comes in 6 to 68 contacts. This series features a cable thickness of 0.33mm and provides the durability of 20 mating cycles. Its robust connector design makes it suitable for robotic operations, supporting Industry 4.0.

Product Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Fixed Length Cable Assemblies
Amphenol RF offers a full line of pre-assembled, fixed-length cable assemblies. Fixed length assemblies are offered in all of our most popular connector series and are available in over 1400 standard configurations and lengths.

Product Flex Connectors (0.40mm pitch)
Flex Connectors (0.40mm pitch)
FCI Basics 0.40mm pitch flex connectors utilize 0.4mm contact spacing to offer a high pin count within a small footprint. The SFGL series connectors have zero insertion force for strong FPC retention. The connector series comes with a profile of < 1mm. FCI Basics has been the first in the industry to offer less than 1mm height for its flex products.

Product Floating Board-to-Board Connectors - B406/B407/B410 Series (0.80mm pitch)
Floating Board-to-Board Connectors - B406/B407/B410 Series (0.80mm pitch)
Amphenol's B406/B407/B410 series is 0.80mm pitch floating board-to-board connectors that support stack height up to 23mm and positions from 30 to 120. Its unique connector design has a floating range of ±0.50mm in the X, Y, and Z directions which makes it resistant to vibration. It also supports speed performance up to 2.5Gb/s to meet high transmission requirements.

Product FPC Antenna
FPC Antenna
Amphenol designs and manufactures custom FPC antennas. The FPC antenna can come with adhesive backing, on a plastic carrier, or with wire termination. FPC antennas are commonly used in smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, set-top boxes, and other devices requiring 4G, 3G, diversity, NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS frequency bands.

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