Cable Assemblies

Amphenol’s cable assemblies include simple point-to-point cables, custom high-power and high-speed data cable assemblies and complex multi-branch harness assembly for large systems across a broad range of end markets. Our cable assemblies include the latest industry innovations in radio frequency (RF), fiber optics, high-power requirements and high-speed data transfer for the newest systems and applications. In addition, our broad portfolio of cable connectors and accessories can be used in our cable assemblies to provide a complete solution.

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Product CCS1 EVSE Cable Assy
CCS1 EVSE Cable Assy
CCS1 EVSE cable assembly for Charging Electrical Vehicles. MADE IN USA 200A, 125A, and 65A assemblies options UL2251 with UL62 cable rated with outstanding flexibility performance.

Product Chassis & Safety Harness
Chassis & Safety Harness
Electrical Liftgate System - contactless and quiet opening and closing of the boot is ensured by electric spindle drives. We manufacture these cable harnesses and the corresponding components on automatic production lines. Process steps such as overmolding inserts, automated clamp assembly, induction soldering, and casting are carried out according to customer specifications.

Product Cluster Jumper Cable
Cluster Jumper Cable
MQ8 PCB mount connector with 8 ports blind mate multi coaxial cable assembly.

Product Complex Harnesses
Complex Harnesses
Amphenol CTI manufactures wire harnesses and cable assembly solutions of any complexity for a broad range of industries and applications. Certifications: UL, CSA, ISO9001, CE, IPC620, WHMA, C-TPAT, IATF16949. Capabilities: Complex circuits counts / 70+ ft long / Harsh environment / Complex branching & bundling / Splices / Braiding. Tooled for many major interconnect suppliers

Product Conformable RF Cable Assemblies
Conformable RF Cable Assemblies
SV Microwave's conformable RF cable assemblies can be easily formed by hand. The braided outer shield of the standard flexible cable is replaced with a tin-plated outer braid that is durable but flexible. Conformable or hand-formable cable assemblies are ideal when the cable bends must be determined during the installation of the assembly.

Product Connectivity Products - North America
Connectivity Products - North America
We offer highly automated Cable Assemblies for Low & High Speed Automotive Ethernet. High reliable and tested Cable Assemblies for standard interfaces (acc. ISO 8092-6) supporting Low Speed Ethernet 100 Mbps and 1 GBps UTP (IEEE 802.3bw), 1 GBps STP (IEEE 802.3bp / Open Alliance TC9) and High Speed Ethernet - 10+GBps STP / SPP (IEEE 802.3ch).

Product Converge RF Cable Assembly Capability
Converge RF Cable Assembly Capability
SV Microwave offers a completely customizable solution to optimize cable assembly flexibility in applications with tight routing requirements while minimizing insertion loss. Our proprietary ConvergeRF capability introduces a direct solder connection that transitions from Ø.047" cable to Ø.085" cable without additional interfaces.

Product cStack™ Flex Cables
cStack™ Flex Cables
Amphenol's cStack™ flexible circuit assemblies are designed for applications where flexibility, space, weight, and performance are critical. They are available in standard and custom flex circuit and connector designs. cStack™ Flex is a compression-based interconnect utilizing Amphenol's cStack™ interposer terminated to a multi-layer impedance-controlled flexible circuit in a compact footprint.

Product Custom Cable Assemblies & Connectors
Custom Cable Assemblies & Connectors
Creating value by integrating technologies is one of our core competencies. Leveraging the extraordinary breadth of technology found across the Amphenol portfolio, as well as our strategic sourcing partners, we have unfettered access to the latest developments in design, materials, and manufacturing methodologies of cable assemblies.

Product Custom Complex Cable & Harnesses
Custom Complex Cable & Harnesses
Amphenol DC Electronics is a custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturing company. We specialized in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of complex cable harnesses. We are known for quick and comprehensive customer service as well as consistency in producing products that are manufactured to rigorous quality standards and demanding production schedules.

Product Custom Flex Cables
Custom Flex Cables
Amphenol's Flex Cable Assemblies provide value-added solutions to challenging interconnect problems where a flexible solution is desirable. Amphenol flex cables can be engineered to use any mezzanine connector in the Amphenol portfolio to meet unique signal integrity, mechanical, power, and environmental requirements.

Product Custom Molded Cables for Harsh Environments
Custom Molded Cables for Harsh Environments
Amphenol offers high-performance injection-molded cable assemblies (PVC, TPU, LSZH, and Polyurethane). Amphenol performs potting and encapsulation with MIL-M 24041 epoxies. Our mold library supports most Amphenol and Mil-Spec connectors. With vast adhesion studies made on new plating materials, superior over-molding is achieved.

Product CXP2 Active Optical Cable
CXP2 Active Optical Cable
HIGH DENSITY, EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY Amphenol's 300G CXP2 to CXP2 Active Optical Cable is a natural choice for optical cabling in data center/high-performance computing hardware applications, providing a cost-effective plug-and-play cabling solution. The CXP2 form factor delivers the highest hardware faceplate port density among existing SFF industry standards.

Product CXP Passive Copper Cable Assemblies 120G/168G/300G
CXP Passive Copper Cable Assemblies 120G/168G/300G
Amphenol's CXP passive copper cable assemblies are designed to meet the high bandwidth capacity demands being requested by data centers and high-performance computing applications. The CXP copper cables are a high-density cabling interconnect system capable of delivering aggregate data bandwidths of 120Gb/s and 168 Gb/s.

Product D38999 RF Contact Cable Assemblies
D38999 RF Contact Cable Assemblies
Amphenol SV Microwave offers high-frequency BMA and SMPM D38999 cabled RF contacts (size 8, 12 & 16) to SMA male connectors on Ø.085 and Ø.141 cable types that populate standard D38999 circular connectors. These fixed-length cable assemblies allow you to expand the use of the standard D38999 circular connector to incorporate microwave transmission lines.

Product Data Cable Assemblies China / Asia
Data Cable Assemblies China / Asia
Cable and Harness assemblies for vehicle data communication including HSD, Low, and High Speed Ethernet, FAKRA and MiniFAKRA

Product DIN IDC Cable Connectors and Cable Assemblies
DIN IDC Cable Connectors and Cable Assemblies
FCI Basics DIN IDC cable connectors are available in 4 connector sizes as 96, 42, 21, and 9 positions. Available in wire sizes 30AWG to 24AWG, their unique insulation displacement design grants the lowest installed cost for users. Standard accessories are also offered to make up a fully modular system.

Product Direct Connect Trunks
Direct Connect Trunks
Amphenol hybrid or discrete trunks offer power/fiber connectivity that is optimized for fast deployment and easy installation in FTTA. A single trunk enables connectivity to several RRHs without the need for a tower top distribution box. The metal canister breakout point provides a secure and reliable hoisting and grounding mechanism, while also delivering a fully sealed and robust transition.

Product Distributed Power & Control / Factory Automation Cables
Distributed Power & Control / Factory Automation Cables
Distributed power and control, factory automation cable assemblies, and connectors for use in most robotic and material handling systems, such as conveyors, sorting, automated storage and retrieval, packaging, overhead transport, palletizing, and any other options imaginable.

Product Driver Assistance Components
Driver Assistance Components
RF Connectors for transmitting LVDS and Multi-Gig-Ethernet. We offer cable assembly solutions needed to transfer data within a vehicle. These are used to connect cameras, antennas as well as Radar/Lidar systems and enable scanning of the area for semi-autonomous and autonomous driving.

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