Cable Assemblies

Amphenol’s cable assemblies include simple point-to-point cables, custom high-power and high-speed data cable assemblies and complex multi-branch harness assembly for large systems across a broad range of end markets. Our cable assemblies include the latest industry innovations in radio frequency (RF), fiber optics, high-power requirements and high-speed data transfer for the newest systems and applications. In addition, our broad portfolio of cable connectors and accessories can be used in our cable assemblies to provide a complete solution.

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Product ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High Speed Backplane Cable Assembly
ExaMAX® 56Gb/s High Speed Backplane Cable Assembly
The ExaMAX® I/O system offers cable assemblies and I/O connector solutions for both internal and external applications. ExaMAX® I/O products are capable of delivering high-speed performance of 25 Gb/s per channel with a path to 40 Gb/s and higher. The ExaMAX® I/O system delivers superior linear board signal density and meets the performance requirements of the OIF-CEI-25G-LR industry standard.

Product Exhaust Cleaning Harness
Exhaust Cleaning Harness
Exhaust Gas Sensor - Signals are transmitted between NOx sensors and control electronics using our connection system. Special contact and housing materials are able to resist high exhaust-gas temperatures. By developing our own systems, we achieve low and steady contact resistances, which are needed for the transmission of sensor currents.

Product Exterior Lighting Harness
Exterior Lighting Harness
Customized Lighting Harness, License Plate Harness

Product Extremeport-Flash
Amphenol’s Extremeport-Flash is an extreme low mating height, easy-to-release high-speed cable solution. We designed 95ohm Flash mainly to support near chip (under heat sink) to IO application, and the mating height is lower than 5mm. Flash can support 56G PAM4, and scalable to 112G PAM4 application, and plug is with pull tab design feature for easy release.

Product Extremeport-MCIO(Mini Cooledge IO)
Extremeport-MCIO(Mini Cooledge IO)
Amphenol's Mini Cooledge IO(MCIO) is a high-speed, small mechanical size cable solution. Amphenol MCIO product is now being specified in the SFF group and the project number is SFF-TA-1016. MCIO cable can support PCIe Gen5, and is scalable to PCIe Gen6 and 112G PAM4. We developed 85ohm and 95ohm solutions to support different applications.

Product Extremeport-Swift
Amphenol’s Extremeport-Swift is an extreme low profile(mating height<9mm), robust mechanical, and excellent SI performance cable solution. The cable assembly and connector can support PCIe Gen5, and the SI performance is scalable to PCIe Gen6 and 112G PAM4. We can provide straight, right angle, and side exit plug types with 38pin, 74pin, and 124pin to support customers to optimize system layout.

Product Extremeport-Z-Link(Gen Z)
Extremeport-Z-Link(Gen Z)
Amphenol’s Extremeport Z-Link(Gen Z ) Connector is a scalable connector and connector interface compliant to SNIA: SFF-TA-1002. Z-Link can support PCIe Gen5, and is scalable to PCIe Gen6 and 112G PAM4. Z-Link can support high speed and power in one connector, and we developed 1C, 2C, 4C, and 4C+ connectors to support customers' different applications.

Product F2X Fiber Optic Building Entry Point
F2X Fiber Optic Building Entry Point
The building entry point (BEP) enables easy connection of buildings to your fiber optic network. The BEP can accommodate different numbers of fibers according to your needs. With the patented F2X® solution you are able to connect and measure FTTX installations faster.

Product FAKRA Cable Assemblies North America
FAKRA Cable Assemblies North America
Coaxial cable solutions used for data transmission and video processing, including options for environments requiring high flexibility and high temperatures

Product Fiber Optic Data Center Trunk Cable
Fiber Optic Data Center Trunk Cable
Trunk cables are used for fixed cabling between network cabinets. Pre-assembled with URM, MPO, or MDC it's application-independent and system-oriented. Especially the URM connector fits perfectly into Base8 cabling systems which are suitable for current and future transmission standards. Smart fixing of the trunk cable in distribution technology due to the integrated cable gland on the divider.

Product Fiber Optic Fanout Cable
Fiber Optic Fanout Cable
Fanout cables are used for fixed cabling between network cabinets, mainly for breakout applications. System-oriented connector combinations make them application-independent and suitable for all Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications. Usually, 8-fold, 12-fold and 24-fold fanout cable assembled with MPO connectors one side and any common connector type on the other side could be provided.

Product Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable
Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable
With the pre-assembled loose tube cable, it is possible to connect your distribution technology to protected indoor or outdoor areas. Depending on the application, there is a suitable jacket for robust multi-fiber cable. Various connectors like LC, SC, or E2000 are possible with up to 96 fibers. Jelly-free constructions are available for the lowest fire load.

Product Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Fiber Optic Patch Cord
With the patch cords, it is possible to connect your active devices and distribution technology on short distances in the protected indoor area. Due to the lower cable load, more cables can be handled in the same space. Available with different connectors, like LC, SC, or URM, different cables, and fiber number and types.

Product Fiber Optic Pre-Assembled Cable Drum
Fiber Optic Pre-Assembled Cable Drum
Made for mobile applications - the cable drum with universal cable. Stretches can be used in protected indoor areas or in the field. The flexible cable sheath is designed for multiple uses. In addition, the reinforced cable sheath ensures increased tensile and transverse compressive strength. The cable could be assembled with a wide range of connectors, standard as well as more special ones.

Product Fiber Optic Splice Box Pivotable
Fiber Optic Splice Box Pivotable
Pivotable splice boxes are suitable for splicing up to 96 fibers on one height unit. A secure cable entry is achieved by means of cable glands. Splice-ready pigtails are already laid in the splice boxes, therefore the incoming cable can be installed directly. Available with LC, E2000, and SC adapters.

Product Fiber Optic Splice Module Twin with Angled Cable Strain Relief
Fiber Optic Splice Module Twin with Angled Cable Strain Relief
The splice module is designed to fit the 3U subrack and is used to integrate unassembled cables into the network. Equipped with pre-assembled pigtails and a splice cassette it offers an uncomplicated possibility for cable installation. With the angled cable support the fibers are guided perfectly without risk of breaking.

Product H-Connector
Amphenol's H-Connector assemblies provide a robust and sealed connection solution for FTTH. The H-Connector end incorporates an SC/APC type connection within a slim, sealed, threaded polymer housing allowing easy connection to either the AMT or in-line extension receptacle. The SC/APC connectors mate to a standard adapter. Available with a flat drop or traditional round style OSP cables.

Product HDMI 2.1 Cables
HDMI 2.1 Cables
Amphenol's HDMI 2.1 supports a range of higher video resolutions and refresh rates including [email protected] HZ and [email protected], and resolutions up to 10K. Dynamic HDR formats are also supported, and bandwidth capability is increased up to 48Gbps. Amphenol's HDMI2.1 cable has passed the certification, and the mechanical interface is compatible with HDMI2.0 and HDMI1.4.

Product Highly Flexible Cables
Highly Flexible Cables
Amphenol LTW provides highly flexible cables for constant moving applications. Ideal for modern automated manufacturing systems. The key features as below: Recommended connectors series: M8, M12, X-LOK, Ceres, USB, RJ45; Bending Standard: TÜV 2 PFG 2577 Class II; Flexing Test: 6 Million Cycles (S≤4mm²); 90° Bending Test: 1 Million Cycles; Cableveyor Test: 5 Million Cycles.

Product High Speed RF Cable Assemblies
High Speed RF Cable Assemblies
SV offers a complete line of fixed length (DC 100 GHz) cable assemblies utilizing 2.4mm. 2.92mm, SMPM & SMPS connectors on flexible Ø.047 and Ø.085 cable types. SV’s cable assemblies feature low solder wicking and the high flexibility allows for tight bends behind the cable ferrule. Our low loss is your gain!

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