Battery Connectors

Product Battery Connectors
Battery Connectors
Amphenol’s comprehensive offering of battery connectors for mobile phones comes in single and multi-contact versions with straight and right-angle mountings. They feature stamp and form contacts with additional solder tags for high reliability and conductivity. Amphenol offers right angle and direct compression type, Wire to Board, board to board, blade type and float, or SMT versions.

Product Battery Structural Components
Battery Structural Components
Modern high-voltage battery systems consist of many individual cells. These can be held together by cell connectors in the correct grid and thus safely contacted. Power rails for transferring the energy of the individual cells inside or outside the battery are also part of our portfolio.

Product Custom Battery Connectors
Custom Battery Connectors
Amphenol offers customized battery or charger connectors and terminals meeting general industry standards. These connectors are available in various pin configurations and connector sizes to suit a wide range of applications including cordless power tools, battery charging connections for E-bikes, lawnmowers, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Product HC Signal Connector
HC Signal Connector
Amphenol HC Signal Series connectors are designed as a high-performance, cost-effective solution for the signal and power transmission for PDU in a battery pack. The connector has integrated both signal and power transmission in one body.

Product Manual Service Disconnect (MSD)
Manual Service Disconnect (MSD)
MSD: Manual Service Disconnect, with safe, reliable solutions for servicing high voltage systems. it utilizes a two-stage lever to open the HVIL circuit prior to separation of high voltage contacts. This tool-free solution for disconnecting the internal HV battery pack and protecting the battery pack HV cables from short-circuiting is available in a scalable design with a variety of fuse ratings.

Product PowerLok G2 Series Connector
PowerLok G2 Series Connector
POWERLOK G2 series is a high-performance, compact, aluminum alloy interconnect solution utilizing RADSOK contact technology for EV and Hybrid transportation applications. POWERLOK G2 series connectors are engineered for a diverse set of applications including electric power distribution for automotive, truck, bus, agricultural, construction, and off-road vehicles.

Product Spring Battery
Spring Battery
Spring battery connectors are very popular in hand-held devices applications. Amphenol's flexible, custom designs and production capabilities allow various pitch sizes, pin configurations, soldering requirements and different stack heights in spring battery connectors. It offers a current rating of 2A/pin. The durability of 5000 mating cycles adds to the mechanical performance of these connectors.