Amphenol has been designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic connectors since the company’s inception in 1932. For nearly a century, we’ve been helping customers transmit power, data and signal in the harshest environments, from subsea applications to the outer reaches of space and everywhere in between. Our wide array of electrical and electronic connectors come in multiple form factors and are designed to meet the latest market needs including high power, high speeds, size and weight reduction, EMI shielding, hermeticity, high pressure and improved board retention. Amphenol also offers a broad portfolio of contact styles, termination types, mating styles, connector geometries and environmentally-friendly RoHS plating.

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Product XCede® HD2
XCede® HD2
DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE 56G DATA RATE REQUIREMENTS WITH HIGHER DENSITY While maintaining the same mating interfaces with XCede® HD and XCede® HD Plus, this connector provides developers with a readily available robust solution for tighter card pitches and chassis designs where space requirements and density are critical.

Product XCede® HD Plus
XCede® HD Plus
The XCede® HD Plus backplane connector achieves high performance (up to 28+ Gb/s) in a Hard Metric form factor. Offering a linear density of up to 84 differential pairs per inch (33 differential pairs per centimeter), the XCede® HD Plus connector meets the high-density needs of today's challenging architectures.

Product XCede® Power Connectors
XCede® Power Connectors
XCede® connector platform is designed to provide headroom for high-speed, serial data rates demanded by data centers and service provider networks. The use of polymers in a resonance-damping shield enables low crosstalk across a wide frequency range. The XCede® backplane header system provides the ruggedness and long-term reliability required by today's systems.

Product XFP
XFP is a 30pos 0.8mm pitch SMT receptacle designed to support 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet with the ability to extend performance to 14 Gbps. It is constructed from a metal frame and the cage assembly is to be bezel-mounted to an I/O panel with compliant pins for pressing onto the host PCB. Its single row cage configuration requires less space & is cost-optimized.

Product XFP 10G Transceivers
XFP 10G Transceivers
XFP 10G optical transceivers include SR, LR, ER, ZR and support Duplex, BiDi, CWDM, and DWDM solutions. They adopt an LC interface and are compatible with IEEE802.3ae, XFP MSA, and other standards. XFP 10G optical transceivers have the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, and high speed. They are most commonly used in Transmission, Storage Area Networks, and other environments.

Product X-LOK Push-Lock Connectors
X-LOK Push-Lock Connectors
Amphenol LTW's X-Lok Series connectors are presented in various sizes for power, signal, and hybrid applications for fast, simple, and reliable connections. Features a push-lock mechanism for intuitive mating with AUDIBLE and TACTILE feedback.

Product YK50B & YK44B - Barrier Terminal Blocks
YK50B & YK44B - Barrier Terminal Blocks
YK50B & YK44B are designed with nuts with greater screw torque and prevent torsion from reaching the terminal when screwing. The structure is simple and firm, and the connection is safe and reliable.

Product ZConnect Low-Profile LV214-Compliant Connectors
ZConnect Low-Profile LV214-Compliant Connectors
Amphenol LTW ZConnect® LV214-Compliant Connectors are low-profile connectors (8mm maximum mated height) for space-saving. ZConnect Connectors are robust enough to meet the automotive requirements of LV214 (VW75174). The series ranges from 8 to 40 contacts at 1A up to 120VDC with 0.9mm / 1.8mm / 2.7mm pitch. The connectors include mated and unmated versions and an IPx67 option.

Product Zeus Din-Rail 7KV & 5KV
Zeus Din-Rail 7KV & 5KV
Zeus series is a High voltage Din-Rail Connector that can be used as a high voltage terminal block. 5KV or 7KV Available in 2 or 3 contacts versions. Snap-in RADSOK Contact technology for 6AWG, 8AWG, and 12AWG. The connector is designed with Creepage/Clearance in accordance with5KV IEC60079-7 guidance

Product Zhaga Book 18 Compliant FLS Series
Zhaga Book 18 Compliant FLS Series
OUTDOOR LIGHTING RECEPTACLES, BASES, AND DOMES The FLS Series products are compliant with Zhaga Book 18. The FLS Receptacle is designed with 4 contacts for Power, DALI, and Digital I/O, and mounts on a Luminaire. The mating FLS Base /Extension Module and Dome together form the housing for a Photocell/Sensor Module assembly.

Product Zhaga Book 20 Compliant FLM Series
Zhaga Book 20 Compliant FLM Series
The FLM Series products are compliant with the Zhaga Book 20. Zhaga Book 20 specifies 2 position connectors identified as Luminaire Extension Module Receptacles (LEX-MR) and Luminaire Plugs (LEX-LP), used for DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) applications. DALI-2 is a smart interface protocol between indoor luminaires and sensors and communication modules.

Product ZTC & ZBC - High Current Teriminal
ZTC & ZBC - High Current Teriminal
Large current terminals have the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, intuitive connection, more solid and reliable, and can be used as large current wiring of various electrical devices.

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