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Amphenol designs and manufactures an extensive range of interconnect products, antennas and electromechanical components found in a wide array of mobile computing devices. Amphenol’s capability for high-volume production of these technically demanding, miniaturized products, combined with our speed of new product introduction, are critical drivers of our long-term success in this market. Our solutions address consumer electronics, e-readers, laptops, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, mobile computing devices, smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and wearable and hearable devices.

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Product Micro USB Connectors
Micro USB Connectors
Amphenol creates high quality Micro USB connectors for today’s high definition media. These connectors can be customized to meet your specific needs. Special modifications may include customized configurations and customized mounting options.

Product Mid Frame Antennas
Mid Frame Antennas
Amphenol designs and manufactures plastic mid-frames for smart devices utilizing custom insert molding for metal battery compartments, acoustic chambers, and other mechanical components. Two-shot LDS can be utilized for increasing the mechanical strength of the frame yet creating a unique LDS antenna geometry.

Product Miniature Jack Connector
Miniature Jack Connector
Amphenol's 3.5mm diameter miniature jack connector is a family of connectors used for analog signals, primarily audio. Available in 3 to 5 contacts, the connector comes with an innovative contact design for robustness and high mating cycles. This solution is used for composite video & audio output in consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, and portable DVD players.

Product Mini USB 2.0 Connector
Mini USB 2.0 Connector
FCI Basics Mini USB 2.0 connector delivers a data transfer rate of up to 480Mb/s. The connector takes up only about 1/8 of the space of a standard USB Type B interface, and has five circuits, with one circuit reserved for future use in host identification between devices. Amphenol offers customized designs of the Type B connector to suit various customer requirements.

Product Mobile Device Antennas
Mobile Device Antennas
Amphenol offers market-leading expertise in the design and production of antennas for wireless devices. Our single and multi-band solutions cover all wireless bands: USGSM, GSM, PCS, DCS, UMTS, GPS, CDMA, DVB-H, Bluetooth, WLAN, WiMAX, and 802.11a, and 802.11b/g.

Product Moving Mechanisms
Moving Mechanisms
Amphenol's moving mechanisms are designed for your customized applications and match your required dimensions. Various types are as follows: Slide, Folding, Automatic, Friction, and more.

Product NFC
Amphenol's Near field communications (NFC) coils are integrated into laptops, tablets, wearables, and other mobile computing devices. The coils are thin and can be mounted on metallic surfaces such as PCBA, metal sheet, battery , etc. It complies with the Forum and EMVco standards.

Product Non-Magnetic RF Connectors
Non-Magnetic RF Connectors
Non-magnetic coaxial connectors are used to carry 50 ohm RF signals within the magnetic field of MRI equipment where a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is required.

Product Over-Molded Whip and Stubby Antennas
Over-Molded Whip and Stubby Antennas
Amphenol manufactures various whip and stubby antennas utilizing in-house single/dual shot injection molding and insert molding processes for single and multiband frequencies. Various connector interfaces can be selected for custom applications.

Product PCI Express® Gen 3 Card Edge Connectors
PCI Express® Gen 3 Card Edge Connectors
Amphenol's 1.00mm pitch, vertical card edge connectors enable PCI Express® (PCIe®) signaling from 2.5Gb/s (Gen 1) and 5Gb/s (Gen 2) up to 8Gb/s (Gen 3) per differential signal pair. A modular design of these connectors allows standard pin counts like 36, 64, 98, 164, and 280.

Product Protective Caps
Protective Caps
Protective caps are available for many of our products, with options for chains and mounting hardware.

Product QMA Connector Series
QMA Connector Series
The QMA connector is a quick disconnect version of the SMA connector and shares the same internal construction, which allows the connector to have excellent performance up to 6 GHz.

Product QN Connectors
QN Connectors
Amphenol RF’s QN connector is a quick disconnect version of the N-Type connector with similar internal construction, which enables fast and easy matings with minimum space requirements.

Product RF Switches
RF Switches
Amphenol’s full range of RF switches come in straight and right-angle mountings as well as miniature, low-profile, and lightweight versions for different phone design requirements. Our full mechanical switches provide high reliability for wireless terminal testing and connection to external car antennas of up to 5Ghz.

Product SD Express
SD Express
SD Express offers the fastest data transfer rates up to 985MB/s adhering to PCIe® Gen 3 x1 lane interface and NVMe application protocol. Meeting SD 7.0 specifications, these connectors come with a pin detection function, which offers enhanced protection and establishes a better read function when the memory card is inserted.

Product SIM Card Sockets
SIM Card Sockets
SIM COMPLIANT FOR 2FF AND 3FF Amphenol is a leader in SIM card sockets. These connectors save space and are user-friendly. The push-push eject feature ensures smooth extraction of the card. It is ideal for use in switches, wifi routers, and mobile phones.

Product SMA and RP-SMA Connector Series
SMA and RP-SMA Connector Series
Using a threaded interface, SMA 50 Ohm connectors are semi-precision units that provide excellent electrical performance from DC to 18 GHz and outstanding mechanical durability.

Product SMP Connector Series
SMP Connector Series
The SMP interface is a subminiature interface in the same scale as MMCX connectors but offers a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. It is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles.

Product Spring Battery
Spring Battery
Spring battery connectors are very popular in hand-held devices applications. Amphenol's flexible, custom designs and production capabilities allow various pitch sizes, pin configurations, soldering requirements and different stack heights in spring battery connectors. It offers a current rating of 2A/pin. The durability of 5000 mating cycles adds to the mechanical performance of these connectors.

Product Spring Clips
Spring Clips
Amphenol’s spring clips are very versatile and can be used in many applications including antennas, metal housing connections, grounding connections, shielding connections, ESD & EMC connections, and LSD connectors. Amphenol offers more than 70 different P/Ns within 4 major families, including low and high force range standard fingers, side-protected and side-protected with preload.

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