Audio-Video Connectors

Product 19-pin Grounded SOCAPEX
19-pin Grounded SOCAPEX
The grounded version of the original SOCAPEX connector with 7 FMLB (first-mate, last break) contacts.

Product Audio Connectors
Audio Connectors
Amphenol 164 series connectors are water-resistant, polarized, five and six contact electrical connectors for use in low voltage audio frequency circuits and applications. They employ three-point bayonet coupling for quick disconnect and self-wipe contact. Connector meets the requirement of MIL & Qualified to MIL-DTL-55116 standard.

Product AUDIO | Entertainment connectors for Audio and Lighting applications
AUDIO | Entertainment connectors for Audio and Lighting applications
The Amphenol audio series covers a wide range of entertainment applications and can be used in a wide variety of applications. In this series, you will find all the necessary products for the entertainment sector. High-quality audio performance and high-speed data transmission allow almost limitless flexibility for the customer.

Product Audio Jacks
Audio Jacks
Amphenol's Audio Jacks are widely used in mobile phone applications. These connectors are available in different configurations, e.g. compressed type or for SMT solderable versions, and fully customized to the application requirements.

Product Breakaway Plugs and Jacks
Breakaway Plugs and Jacks
Watertight, breakaway connectors are designed to meet severe environmental conditions. They are watertight, with wiping-action contacts that self-clean. Shielded versions are available and termination is either solder or insulation-piercing, which is field installable. Miniature versions are also available.

Product CWAP Series
CWAP Series
Ideal for inflight entertainment applications.

Product DisplayPort
HIGH-PERFORMANCE DIGITAL AUDIO/VIDEO INTERCONNECT SOLUTION Amphenol DisplayPort connector system is a scalable solution that transmits 1, 2, or 4 lanes of High-Definition video at 2.7Gb/s per lane up to a maximum of 10.8Gb/s. DisplayPort also allows flexible allocation of available bandwidth between audio and video.

Product Gladiator
APCD’s newest, small, lightweight, and flat connector is designed for soldier-worn applications, including data sharing, battery charging, and peripheral connectivity. Plugs and receptacles fit through MOLLE pack straps. Receptacles are designed for panel mounting, clipped into MOLLE, or sewn into place.

Product HDMI
HIGH-PERFORMANCE DIGITAL AUDIO/VIDEO INTERCONNECT SOLUTION Amphenol HDMI supports standard or high-definition video, plus multi-channel digital audio on a connector. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio. With 18Gb/s of bandwidth, HDMI can accommodate the future enhancements and requirements of audio/video equipment.

Product HDMI Connectors
HDMI Connectors
FCI Basics HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a smaller, user-friendly version of DVI for high definition audio-video transfer in consumer entertainment devices. Backward-compatible with DVI, the connector system supports uncompressed video and audio data transmission at 5Gb/s along a single cable.

Product M55116 Plugs and Jacks
M55116 Plugs and Jacks
Complete line of qualified MIL-DTL-55116 audio connectors which are used throughout military and commercial radio systems and intercom systems for ground, vehicle, airborne, and naval communications. Custom M55116-type connectors with options such as PCB contacts, grounded and shielded connectors, and right-angle plug connections.

Product Magconnect™|Hero
Onanon’s MagConnect™|Hero has been performance engineered to be the most intuitive interconnect in the world. Its unique magnetic safety latch feature is ideal for medical applications, where time, precision, and quality are most critical. Additional suitable markets are within the automotive, aerospace and industrial industries.

Product MDP FTV
MDP Field is Mini DisplayPort interconnect system for harsh environments. MDP FTV is a complete ruggedized solution around Mini DisplayPort to allow you to insert a standard Mini DP cordset into a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust and fluids.

Product Microphone Plugs and Jacks
Microphone Plugs and Jacks
Microphone plugs and jack used in military and commercial helmets and headsets. They are rugged and high-quality. Two or three-pin configurations are available with a locking mechanism. Switching and combination options are available.

Product Miniature Jack Connector
Miniature Jack Connector
Amphenol's 3.5mm diameter miniature jack connector is a family of connectors used for analog signals, primarily audio. Available in 3 to 5 contacts, the connector comes with an innovative contact design for robustness and high mating cycles. This solution is used for composite video & audio output in consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, camcorders, and portable DVD players.

Product Pegasus High Speed
Pegasus High Speed
Pegasus High Speed provides exceptional performance in tight spaces, with a svelte shell size 8 (0.512”) outer diameter. With the explosive growth in Ethernet-enabled devices (IOT), this is size and configuration is particularly suited for endpoint applications, such as individual avionics sensors, panel-mounted units, seat back, and wall-mounted displays and monuments.

Product R38 Series
R38 Series
These connectors are combinations of D-subminiature or Micro-D with RF contacts. Available in standard contacts, integrated, and reverse-gender integrated for lower-cost solutions. Have provided coax, triax, quadrax solutions for space, military, and commercial applications.

Product Rugged HDMI
Rugged HDMI
RUGGED HDMI PANEL MOUNT CONNECTOR IP67 SEALING Rugged HDMI receptacles with die-cast housings and IP67 sealing for Harsh Environment applications, provide reliable performance in extreme conditions for the most demanding applications and mate with standard connectors.

Product TAC Connectors
TAC Connectors
TAC Connectors are designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications of MIL-DTL-55116 requirements at half the size of the standard connectors. They are the ideal choice to reduce size and weight and still maintain many of the same performance benefits wherever an M55116 connector is needed on a newly designed system.

Product Telephone Plugs and Jacks
Telephone Plugs and Jacks
Manufacturer and supplier of airborne audio connectors, see MIL-DTL-9177. Our special ruggedized design has been the industry standard on military and commercial helmets and headsets for many years. We offer a number of connector options for different mounting styles, switch functions, and soldier attachments.

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