Circular Connectors

Product Amphe-PPM
This series, is a rapid-mating, general duty, or ruggedized harsh environment, metal push/pull coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 20 insert arrangements ranging from 2 to 12 contacts per connector and up to 23 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +100°C.

Product Amphe-PRB
This series, utilizing RADSOK® socket contact technology, is an IP67 rated, thermoplastic reverse bayonet coupling, high power connector. With over six insert arrangements ranging from 3 to 5 contacts per connector and up to 70 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +100°C.

Product Apollo
The Apollo Series is perfect for medical devices and many other applications. With the latching capability, this connector allows for a large number of cycles. This series allows several color-coding options, a special keying option, high resistance to chemicals, shock, and sterilization processes. This connector is customizable and designed for use in medical, and many other applications.

Product AT Circular
AT Circular
This series, is a ruggedized harsh environment, thermoplastic reverse bayonet coupling signal connector. With three insert arrangements from 3 to 9 contacts per connector commonly used for SAE J1939 vehicle bus diagnostics and up to 13 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C.

Product ATHD
This series, a heavy-duty, ruggedized harsh environment, thermoplastic in-line power connector with integrated latch push/pull coupling. With two single-pole insert arrangements ranging from 12 AWG to 8 AWG contacts per connector 60 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product ATHD Series™
ATHD Series™
Our ATHD Series™ Single-Pole, Heavy Duty Power Connectors provide an IP67/69K rated (mated), environmentally sealed connection system and viable solution to field splices and terminals in harsh environments. Safety features include an integral latch to prevent inadvertent disconnect and an audible click, tactile feel provide circuit confirmation

Product Bantam Micro-Bayonet Connectors
Bantam Micro-Bayonet Connectors
Bantam is a high-performance circular connector product range developed for aerospace applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability. High mating cycles along with excellent shell-to-shell electrical bonding for EMI are the benchmark of rugged connectors. Bantam provides a solution that meets your budget and performance goals.

Product BKC
The BKC (Baby King Cobra) series is a Quarter-turn economical miniature form factor circular connectors with lightweight, non-corrodible, composite material and qualified to UL #E220614.

Product Boeing Certified BACC 5015
Boeing Certified BACC 5015
The BACC5015 connectors are qualified to Boeing Specifications to satisfy general-purpose requirements and unique product challenges for shielding, environmental sealing, fluid resistance, and vibration. Rear-Release crimp contacts with a retention clip. Sealed to withstand moisture, condensation, vibration, and flash-over. Multiple arrangements are available for power, signal, or mixed.

Product Breakaway / Push-Pull Military Connectors
Breakaway / Push-Pull Military Connectors
Amphenol LTW FLOS Y Series Robust Metal Circular Connectors are an advanced and highly reliable solution with Push-Pull or Break-Away locking for military applications.

Product Bulkhead Connectors
Bulkhead Connectors
Amphenol thru bulkhead connectors are double-end panel connectors with standard variant Pin contact on one side & socket on the other side. There are other combinations available like Pin-Pin & socket-socket contacts. Connectors are matable from both sides with cable plug connectors with opposite gender contact. These connectors are used in various Military & Industrial applications.

Product Cable Gland Connectors
Cable Gland Connectors
Amphenol LTW's Cable Glands are applied in conjunction with cable or wiring for power or electrical purpose. The Cable Glands are attached to the end equipment and act as a sealing of the terminating housing to ensure the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures. Available in different sizes, materials; this is the most cost-effective waterproof solution.

Product Cable Joiner & FICX Connectors
Cable Joiner & FICX Connectors
Amphenol LTW's Cable Joiner was designed and developed for simple, quick, and reliable cable interconnections. It is available in several options to meet various cable O.D. and wire sizes. Amphenol’s cable joiner also meets the latest requirements for locking protection. Installation is quick and simple with standard crimping terminals or screw terminal blocks for different application needs.

Product Ceres Connectors (Circular Connectors)
Ceres Connectors (Circular Connectors)
Amphenol LTW Circular Waterproof Connectors are available as a receptacle, receptacle connector with cable, and over-molded with cable. The field installable options are available in multiple sizes mini, standard, middle, and large. The Circular Waterproof Connectors offer ≤10mΩ contact resistance, ≤100MΩ at DC500V insulation resistance, and at least 1,000 mating cycles.

Product CMB
This series, a commercial MIL-DTL-26482, Series 1 solder contact, general duty or ruggedized harsh environment, metal bayonet coupling, power, and signal connector. With over 60 insert arrangements ranging from 1 to 61 contacts per connector and up to 23 amps possible with a standard operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C.

Product CONEC Enclosure technology customized
CONEC Enclosure technology customized
As a specialist for enclosure technology we provide to you with pleasure an offer coordinatedly at your quite individual requirements. Connectors versions: M8x1, M12x1, 7/8", Hybrid, flange versions and / or integrated versions with preassembled contacts

Product CONEC Hybrid Connectors
CONEC Hybrid Connectors
Saving costs and installation space in interface wiring by using intelligent hybrid connector technology. With the new CONEC series, a compact hybrid connector system has been developed, combining power supply and data transmission in one single connector. Depending on the application, four sizes, B12, B17, B23, and B40 are available.

Product CONEC M12x1 Series with Bayonet Quick Locking
CONEC M12x1 Series with Bayonet Quick Locking
The CONEC connector series with bayonet quick locking system allows safe and quick locking even in areas that are difficult to reach and/or not visible. With the “three-point” bayonet locking it is possible to lock the connection by hand with a 90 ° turn. You get direct tactile and acoustic feedback as soon as the connector is locked.

Product CONEC M12x1 Series X-Coding
CONEC M12x1 Series X-Coding
In view of the increasing amount of data in industrial plants, designers and planners are faced with the question of how to transfer data quickly and reliably. Typical areas of application that require continuously higher data transmission rates are, for example, vision and scanner systems for production monitoring and real-time data evaluation.

Product CONEC Series M8x1 D-Coded "Fast Ethernet"
CONEC Series M8x1 D-Coded "Fast Ethernet"
With M8x1 D coding, Industrial Ethernet transmission is implemented using a 4-pole M8x1 connector in conjunction with a 360° shielding and a standard Ethernet cable. Together with the contacts changed to 0.8 mm diameter, the connector enables a transmission rate of up to 100 Mbit/s (Fast Ethernet).

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