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Product Solar Connectors
Solar Connectors
For modern society and industry, energy supply is a key element. A high-performance, reliable connection technology is required. Our solar connectors are ideally suited for connecting solar cables, connection to photovoltaic panels, and for connection to solar inverters.

Product Spring Loaded Connectors
Spring Loaded Connectors
Amphenol offers a wide product range of spring loaded connectors. These connectors have a large working range and high contact force allowing safe data transmission. They are widely used in wearable applications and can also be fitted in various customized connecting solutions.

Product SSL Solution Connectors (Smart Solution in Lighting)
SSL Solution Connectors (Smart Solution in Lighting)
Amphenol LTW's SSL (Smart Solution in Lighting) series is a waterproof and non-waterproof connector series developed for LED lighting and non-lighting applications. Its low profile design aims at minimizing and eliminating the field wiring and reducing labor time as well as facilitating any maintenance job.

Product Transmission Interface and Gearbox Harness China / Asia
Transmission Interface and Gearbox Harness China / Asia
Interconnect solution and electrical interface for transmission including automatic gearbox, dual-clutch and semi-automatic transmissions. Hybrid connection with multiple power and signal applications. Oil and water-tight solutions.

Product ZConnect Low-Profile LV214-Compliant Connectors
ZConnect Low-Profile LV214-Compliant Connectors
Amphenol LTW ZConnect® LV214-Compliant Connectors are low-profile connectors (8mm maximum mated height) for space-saving. ZConnect Connectors are robust enough to meet the automotive requirements of LV214 (VW75174). The series ranges from 8 to 40 contacts at 1A up to 120VDC with 0.9mm / 1.8mm / 2.7mm pitch. The connectors include mated and unmated versions and an IPx67 option.

Product Zhaga Book 18 Compliant FLS Series
Zhaga Book 18 Compliant FLS Series
OUTDOOR LIGHTING RECEPTACLES, BASES, AND DOMES The FLS Series products are compliant with Zhaga Book 18. The FLS Receptacle is designed with 4 contacts for Power, DALI, and Digital I/O, and mounts on a Luminaire. The mating FLS Base /Extension Module and Dome together form the housing for a Photocell/Sensor Module assembly.

Product Zhaga Book 20 Compliant FLM Series
Zhaga Book 20 Compliant FLM Series
The FLM Series products are compliant with the Zhaga Book 20. Zhaga Book 20 specifies 2 position connectors identified as Luminaire Extension Module Receptacles (LEX-MR) and Luminaire Plugs (LEX-LP), used for DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) applications. DALI-2 is a smart interface protocol between indoor luminaires and sensors and communication modules.

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