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Amphenol designs and builds a broad range of accessories to complement our connector and cable assembly portfolio including backshells and cable clamps as well as other wire and cable management products. We also manufacture integrated system solutions, such as media converters, Ethernet switches, cabinet solutions and distribution boxes that bring together multiple Amphenol interconnect products into one ruggedized solution. These custom products, built in close partnership with our customers, provide infinite options for systems engineers in all markets.

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Product Switch Assemblies
Switch Assemblies
Tailgate Switches, Sensor Switch Assemblies.

Product Tech Bag
Tech Bag
Amphenol Broadband Solution's Tech Service Bag II is designed for the active cable technician by eliminating extra trips to the truck, creating accurate drop lengths, eliminating waste, and providing a comfortable accessory to carry tools and equipment.

Product Telematics Control Unit TCU
Telematics Control Unit TCU
Tecvox experience in vehicular electronics integrations allows us to support the highly complex TCU market with innovative electronic and mechanical designs to meet the complicated and expanding requirements of Telematic architectures.

Product Temper-Grip
New high current technology alternative to our RadSok socket. Temper Grip contacts increase ampacity up to 40%, which increases the value of your system or downsize cable size and space on a panel. Temper-Grip contacts will far outlast the temperature extremes of the standard connectors they can go into.

Product Termination Tools for RF Connectors
Termination Tools for RF Connectors
Amphenol RF offers a full line of termination tooling to meet your specific production requirements. All tools meet Amphenol’s stringent design and quality requirements and provide a consistent and reliable crimp each and every time, thereby ensuring the integrity of the connector termination.

Product TFOCA-II® Ruggedized Media Converter (ARCH Series)
TFOCA-II® Ruggedized Media Converter (ARCH Series)
Amphenol Fiber Systems International (AFSI) offers the ARCH Series TFOCA-II® Ruggedized Media Converter to provide optical-electrical (O-E) and electrical-optical (E-O) conversion for harsh environments. This stand-alone unit features ruggedized optical transceivers integrated into a compact housing with 10/100/1000 Ethernet electrical interfaces.

Product Tier Rated Underground Enclosures
Tier Rated Underground Enclosures
Tier Rated Underground Enclosures are made from Advanced Composite Material using a Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. Combining the design flexibility of RTM and the strength of advanced composite materials, TRUE grade level enclosures provide Tier 15 and 22 performance with ease of handling and installation. Exterior surfaces are finished with gel coat for a smooth, durable finish.

Product Tracer - Rapid Prototyping
Tracer - Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping. Achieve any pin-out you can imagine – without sacrificing performance or lead time. Thanks to Amphenol’s revolutionary insulator technology (patent pending), we can rapidly produce connectors in any PCB contact configuration and get you fully functional sample pieces within a week. MIL-DTL-38999, Reverse Bayonet GT, MIL-DTL-5015, 2M, and more.

Product Triax Contacts
Triax Contacts
Provide additional shielding when terminated to Triax cable having solid or stranded center conductors. Amphenol supplies Triax contacts in sizes 8, 10, and 12 and they are ideally suited for use in D38999 Series I, II, and III circular connectors.

Product Twinax Contacts
Twinax Contacts
The size 8 Concentric Twinax contact was developed for use in MIL-STD-1553 Airborne multiplex data bus applications which require high-performance interconnect characteristics in multi-pin connectors. Ideal for this application need is the high-performance Tri-Start connector with its fully scoop-proof feature of recessed pins.

Product Universal Contact
Universal Contact
FCI Basics Universal Contact is an independent SMT contact that provides an electrical connection between a device and a PCB. It is manufactured as a single-piece stamped product, incorporating pre-load and anti-lift features. It can be used to connect a number of device components in any direction and configuration using the same interface.

Product USB Charger
USB Charger
Tecvox is transitioning the global transportation industry from USB Type A to USB Type C chargers with multiple mechanical design options, port illumination, dynamic thermal control, and programmable features as required. We provide the best USB charging experience for end-user satisfaction.

Product USB Power Delivery
USB Power Delivery
Tecvox can provide USB Type C Power Delivery configurations up to a full 100 Watts per port in extremely compact and efficient mechanical configurations. Dedicated and shared PD across ports offer a wide range of wattage and charging profiles.

Product U-Snap Clamp
U-Snap Clamp
Available in Nylon, PEEK, and Ultem. Aerospace-grade VHB tape per 5958FR . Versatile Base geometry for VHB or wet process. Lightweight, metal-free design. Color-coded grommets for each size. Accommodates multiple-sized grommets per housing. Bonded & mounted Versions are available.

Product VITA 67.3 Installation and Removal Tools
VITA 67.3 Installation and Removal Tools
SV Microwave has continuously evolved its VITA 67.1, 67.2, 67.3 and 66.5 product lines. As these products continue to grow and gain traction, SV has designed a new product line of VITA SMPM and VITA SMPS installation and removal tools that simplify the process of installing and removing contacts or cable assemblies from Plug-In Cards and Backplane Modules.

Product Walk-In Cabinets
Walk-In Cabinets
Walk-In Cabinets are protective walk-in enclosures housing an integrated system of electronic components and equipment that can serve fiber and copper interfaces. Walk-In Cabinets offer a lighter-weight alternative to concrete shelters providing a lower total cost of ownership. They house multiple equipment racks suitable for customer-supplied equipment. Thermal management options are available.

Product Wall / Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinets
Wall / Pole Mount Outdoor Cabinets
Wall / Pole Mount Cabinets are multi-chamber enclosures designed for traditional 19″ or 23″ rackmount equipment. Separate locking chambers offer a division of provider and customer equipment access. At cell sites and other multi-user locations, this division of access allows customers to service their equipment without the need to have the cabinet’s owner’s technician open the cabinet for them.

Product WaveTrax Fiber Raceway
WaveTrax Fiber Raceway
WaveTrax®, the Amphenol Network Solutions fiber raceway system, is designed to help engineers deliver reliable fiber optic network performance. Reduce your cost of ownership with the full line of WaveTrax products, including troughs, elbows, cross and T sections, off-ramps, and articulating links - easily installed so you are up and running quickly!

Product Wired Control Panels
Wired Control Panels
Wired Control Panels are used in the cockpit or in the avionic bay. Features are done through wired electromechanical components such as toggle, rotary, breakers, indicators. They may incorporate a Front Face Panel with lighted legends, touches. We hold Part21G and PART145 certificates for production & maintenance. We support product design and certification by delivering full documentation.

Product Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Tecvox supplies Qi-certified Wireless charging solutions to global vehicular OEMs with both passive and actively cooled solutions providing optimum performance and charging experience. Our products are homologated in over 120 countries and can provide RFID protection, foreign obstacle detection, NFC, CAN and LIN communication, antenna coupling, and phone as key features.

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