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Amphenol designs and builds a broad range of accessories to complement our connector and cable assembly portfolio including backshells and cable clamps as well as other wire and cable management products. We also manufacture integrated system solutions, such as media converters, Ethernet switches, cabinet solutions and distribution boxes that bring together multiple Amphenol interconnect products into one ruggedized solution. These custom products, built in close partnership with our customers, provide infinite options for systems engineers in all markets.

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Product CNC Machining
CNC Machining
State-of-the-art machine with abilities to machine, coat, inspect, and assemble mechanical solutions for our internal and external customers. Our capabilities include Six 4-Axis Mazak machines, 5-Axis Mazak Integrex, water-jet, and press brake, CMM, vacuum fixturing for thin-walled heat-sinks.

Product Coaxial Contacts
Coaxial Contacts
Reliable interconnection and continued performance in size 8, 12, & 16 crimp termination style. Available for use in MIL DTL 38999 Series I, II, and III Connectors. Also available in PC Tail.

Product Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Coaxial Fixed Attenuators
Amphenol RF attenuators are designed to offer flat attenuation over the designated frequency range and feature a microwave grade resistor that consistently reduces power. Hex flats on the body allow this attenuator to be easily torqued to the mating connector.

Product Coaxial Terminators and Loads
Coaxial Terminators and Loads
Amphenol RF terminators are available in many common series and genders including; 1.0/2.3, APC-3.5, APC-5.5, BNC, F-type, HD-BNC, N-Type, QMA, and SMA. Amphenol RF terminators reliably prevent RF signals from being reflected along the transmission line to reduce interference.

Product Compact Universal Enclosures
Compact Universal Enclosures
Compact Universal Enclosures were designed around the principle of “flexibility.” These versatile enclosures may be wall, pole, strand or pedestal-mounted and configured to meet a variety of fiber, copper, or coaxial distribution applications. With a universal backplane and interchangeable feed and drop cable port plates, they are especially efficient at meeting FTTX deployment challenges.

Product Composite Mounting Platforms (CPAD)
Composite Mounting Platforms (CPAD)
Composite Pads (CPAD) are economical alternatives for poured in place and pre-cast concrete pads used to mount cabinets, generators, electric vehicle chargers, and other outdoor enclosures. They provide a flat, stable mounting surface and below-grade slack storage. One-piece and modular bay designs are available. Advanced composite material construction is both lightweight and rugged.

Product Composite Self-Closing Caps
Composite Self-Closing Caps
For PT/451 Series, RJ/USB Field & Amphenol Sine RT360.

Product Concentric Twinax Contacts
Concentric Twinax Contacts
The size 8, 10, and 12 concentric twinax contacts were developed for applications that require high-performance interconnect characteristics in multi-pin connectors. Ideal for this application need is the high-performance D38999 Series III connector with its fully scoop-proof feature of recessed pins. The concentric Twinax contact is crimp terminable to twisted shielded cable.

Product Control Panels
Control Panels
Control panels for construction machines, yachts, and boats include pushbuttons and switches (for example from Carlingswitch), control indicators, and displays with application software. Control panels made out of ABS, PMMA, metal class A2 and A4. Possible protection rate up to IP65-67. Manufactured according to customer specification and design.

Product Copper Buried Distribution Pedestals
Copper Buried Distribution Pedestals
Pedlock BD Series Pedestals provide the flexibility, durability, and reliability to be the all-purpose copper splice closure. Non-metallic PVC construction won't rust, fade, chip or bend, and is fire and chemical resistant. A one-piece dome locks to the base creating an air pocket that keeps internal cable dry even in flood conditions. Several diameters and options are available.

Product Customized Switches
Customized Switches
Car Lock Switches, Potting Switches Assemblies, Overmoulded Switch Assemblies

Product Data Concentrator Media Converters
Data Concentrator Media Converters
Media conversion products that concentrate data and simplify system cabling and architectures.

Product DC Power Solutions
DC Power Solutions
Amphenol Broadband Solutions delivers reliable, high-quality solutions to power, protect, and monitor today’s network servers and equipment. With a variety of power distribution unit (PDU) solutions, including fuse panels and circuit breaker panels, current capacities up to 1000 amp inputs and 400 amp outputs, and nrgSMART™ power monitoring solutions.

Product Differential Twinax Contacts
Differential Twinax Contacts
Used to facilitate the launching of controlled impedance signals to printed circuit boards. Two strategically spaced inner contacts form two 100 or 150 Ohm matched impedance differential pairs. Requires modification of MIL-DTL-38999 connector to accommodate keyed contacts. Available in size 8 crimp termination style. Also available in size 8 with PC tails.

Product Differential Twinax Contacts
Differential Twinax Contacts
Offers several advantages for high data transfer rates, low power consumption and excellent EMI compatibility. Amphenol Twinax contacts terminate to a variety of cables and are also available with PCB tails.

Product Digital Video Interface Media Converters
Digital Video Interface Media Converters
Proven line of Digital Video Interface media converters that can be used in harsh environment avionics, ground systems, or naval applications that need to transmit and receive such encoded interfaces over fiber optic cables.

Product DIN 41612 Accessories
DIN 41612 Accessories

Product Distribution Box
Distribution Box
Amphenol LTW's distributor boxes are designed in multiple ports with different connector or cable terminations. The embedded LED indicators provide you an overview data, signal or power delivery, especially in industrial automation applications.

Product Double Lapping
Double Lapping
Amphenol's double-sided lapping process provides the best solution for mobile device metal decorative logos. We can control part flatness tolerance within +/- 0.03mm and maintain a 1000N+ Laser weld bond between metal components. Our high-quality logos reflect a high brand value to customer end products.

Product Driver Dashboards
Driver Dashboards
Driver dashboards with cluster displays or touchscreens. Manufactured according to customer specifications and design.

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